Grand Florida Project

Completion of the project: December 2020
Grand Florida Beachfront Condo Resort
“Great Florida”
This is the fifth project of the developer BLUE SKY GROUP , before that they have already built 4 projects, 3 of them are commissioned and functioning, the fourth is ready for 99%, This is the pearl - the fifth project.
Perhaps you are familiar with the projects of the developer?
1. Atlantis.
2. Grand Caribbean
3. Venice
4. Spain
The land occupies 3 hectares ,which is equal to the area of 4m football fields.
The sea - you can see it on the plan , before it, only 200 and we are on the beach.
The project is, as you understand, on the first line.
Sukhumvit track is 450 meters from the resort, it gives an advantage in moving around the city. For this distance there will be restaurants, massage parlors, shops. Local residents already see the prospect and do not build the entire infrastructure on the cripple.
The project consists of 8 seven-storey buildings. Very large Parking around the perimeter, specially designated place for an evening walk or morning jog around the complex, it is fenced from the roadway of the complex, which undoubtedly improves the quality of the walk.
In building A and B there is an underground two-storey car Park.
The pool, just huge, has a lot of entertainment.
Caves with live vegetation, brought directly from the jungle, a tall tree from the movie “avatar” with hanging luminous crowns , a waterfall in the form of a king Kong head, 2 volcanoes with erupting lava - a water slide, the effect of an active volcano, we will achieve steam generators and built-in lighting equipment. Fountains around the perimeter of the pool ,a huge gazebo-Jacuzzi for a large company, a pool with an artificial wave between the buildings A and B. The bottom of all the pools we will lay tiles " ivory” with reflective particles, pools will simulate the color of the sky: blue in the morning, yellow in the afternoon, in the evening, depending on the sunset - pink, orange.
-This building will be for entertainment only:
-gym with the best equipment.
-a separate room for Boxing
-separate yoga room
-room for work
-Sony PS games room
-children's playroom
Spa complex - a building with a glass dome roof, it will be located massage chairs recessed directly into the water.
Restaurant in building “H”
It is huge in its area occupies almost the entire second floor, will be made in the style of Florida 70 years, from the terrace of the restaurant offers a wonderful view of the pool with an artificial wave and several waterfalls.
Bar it is also located in the building H is designed in the style of an old cigar room, it is dark undertones, wood and leather.