Lanta Island

Lanta Island

Koh Lanta is one of the four largest Islands in Thailand, second in size to Phuket, Koh Samui and Koh Chang. It belongs to the province of Krabi and is washed by the waters of the Andaman sea.
The island is only 80 km from the provincial capital and 930 km from Bangkok. Lanta is not even one island, but a group of two land plots closest to the mainland - Lanta Noi is inhabited by Thais who built it up with one-story houses. But on the Paradise island of Lanta Yai, guests of this country like to relax. It is part of an archipelago that includes 50 Islands, most of which are uninhabited.
The island of Koh Lanta in Krabi is divided into the tourist and residential part. The Eastern part of the island is inhabited mainly by local residents, there are few hotels here, except in the South-Eastern part there are several. Normal beaches, as well as tourist infrastructure, are concentrated on the West coast of the island. From here, locals take tour groups to the Eastern part of the island to the Old town of Lanta town, a Gypsy village and mangroves. Along the perimeter of the island of Koh Lanta in Thailand, almost completely encircled by an asphalt road. In different sections, the route runs 10-200 meters from the coast. Several highways run from West to East of the island. There are almost no roads in the southern part. The landscape of Lanta island is mostly mountainous, pitted with caves and a few valleys. Almost all the sea coasts are covered with sandy beaches, some of them wild, bordered by dense vegetation. There are several places for diving near the coast. Lanta is, first of all, beaches, excursions to the most beautiful places with lush vegetation and stunning panoramas. Lovers of night life, recreation in noisy clubs and discos, here may not like it very much. However, you can find a friend for the night on the local beaches, despite the fact that there are no official brothels here. There is hardly a place in Thailand where there are no girls of easy virtue and Thai alcohol. Lanta will appeal to residents of megacities who are looking for peace and tranquility from rest. There are almost no crowds of tourists and noisy youth companies here. But the views, as if drawn by a realist artist in love with tropical vegetation, the purity of snow-white sand and the beauty of the water surface. Families with children are sure to be happy with their stay on the double island. But it is dangerous to bring very young children here, there are often problems with finding infant formula, and there is an acute shortage of pharmacies and doctors, especially pediatricians. But the question of what to do on the island of Koh Lanta rarely arises, there is enough entertainment here.
Ko Lanta belongs to the year-round resort areas of Thailand. The high tourist season, when the air temperature does not fall below +29 °C, falls on November–April. The peak of tourists is observed in December and January. The low season lasts from may to October. During this period, high waves are observed in the Andaman sea. It often rains in September. However, it is during the low season that tour operators offer tours at very "delicious" prices, and local residents reduce prices for housing and food. The growing popularity of the resort has made local authorities think about infrastructure development. So, in 1996, the island was electrified. But there is no centralized water supply to this day, but this moment does not affect the rest of tourists. On the roofs of all hotels, villas and private homes are lined with barrels of clean water from reservoirs. Public transport in the resort is almost completely absent. You can travel by taxi and tuk-tuk. Unfortunately, the latter do not go to the southern part of Koh Lanta, where steep mountain roads prevail.
If you look at the map of Thailand, it becomes clear that you can get to the island by ferry from Krabi Town. Some tourists book a transfer directly from Krabi airport. Minivans with a capacity of no more than 8-9 seats are also transported on ferries. The cost of this transfer varies from 85 to 95 dollars. Driving a minivan or bus from Bangkok to the province of Krabi is impractical, since this road takes a lot of time and effort. It is better to book a ticket for a domestic flight in advance. So, the most popular among tourists are the following hotels and villas: Lanta Sand Resort&Spa; Pimalai Resort&Spa; Lanta Nature Beach Resort; Royal Lanta Resort; Pilanta Spa Resort; Pinky Bungalows Resort, etc. There are a large number of small shops on the island. Also here is a popular chain of markets in Thailand 7 Eleven. Food prices do not differ from prices on the mainland of the resort. You can buy fresh seafood and exotic fruits at the markets. Popular among tourists are mobile type cafes called makashnits by local residents. In addition, Koh Lanta has cozy cafes and comfortable restaurants that offer Thai, Asian, Indian, Japanese, Chinese and European cuisine. In comparison with the coasts in Pattaya and other large Thai island territories, the beaches on Koh Lanta island are particularly wide and spacious. There are not so many vacationers here, sometimes the distance between sunbathing tourists can be 100-150 meters, no one interferes with anyone. "