Tarutao Island

Tarutao Island

Tarutao marine national Park in Satun province in Thailand was founded in 1974. It includes an area equal to 1490 km2 in the southern part of Thailand near the coast of Satun province in the Andaman sea. The Park covers 51 Islands, which are divided into two groups: the Eastern group of Tarutao Islands, and the Western group of Adang Ravi.
The Park brings together three archipelagos: Tarutao, Klang and Adang. The name of the national Park comes from the name of the main island of Pulau Tarutao (meaning "old island"). Today, Tarutao national Park attracts tourists for its remoteness from the main tourist destinations of Thailand. Here you can still feel the pristine beauty of the white beaches. The underwater world is diverse and replete with rare representatives of the sea depths. In this regard, tourists tend to get to the national Park to go diving and snorkeling. Visiting the national Park for tourists is paid - 400 baht/200 baht per child.
The diversity and richness of nature, combined with the warm clean sea and white beaches, attracts those who like to relax in silence away from civilization. And we are not even talking about staying in a remote hotel, but even living in a tent on the beach in the wild. Thanks to this status, the Park has preserved a rich underwater world, the world of mammals and tropical animals. And the flora of the Islands still amazes tourists with its primeval nature and uniqueness. The most famous resort in the Park is Lipe island (Ko Lipe). Although this island is included in the national Park, it is not under its jurisdiction, and access to it is free. Ko Lipe is strikingly different from the other Islands of the Park in its development. There are hotels and hostels of different price categories and comfort levels. There are cafes and restaurants, small shops, a pharmacy, mini-markets and travel agencies. The island has gorgeous sandy beaches, but the bottom is not always conducive to carefree swimming, there are areas where sharp corals are exposed at low tide. Travel agencies offer several options for diving and snorkeling, but only in permitted areas. The second most popular island in the Park after Ko Lipe is Tarutao island. It is much less developed. Usually, tourists do not spend the entire period of their vacation here, but stop at Tarutao for a few days on the way to Koh Lipe or back. The second most popular island in the Park after Ko Lipe is Tarutao island. It is much less developed. Usually, tourists do not spend the entire period of their vacation here, but stop at Tarutao for a few days on the way to Koh Lipe or back.
Tarutao island has a dark history. In the late 30s of the last century, it was used to isolate political prisoners. The first prison was founded here in 1936, it housed 500 people. It was subsequently expanded and the number of prisoners increased to 3,000. During world war II, food supplies from the mainland to the island stopped. Guards and prisoners began to die of starvation. To survive, they United and attacked ships passing by the island. During the war, about 130 vessels suffered from robbery.
Tarutao island is the headquarters of the national Park (at its Northern tip). There is a small infrastructure near Mo Laia Bay beach. This white beach area has a restaurant, a Bungalow, and a camping area. Guests can rent bicycles to explore the island. AO San Bay is located on the island of Tarutao in the distance. Here you can rent a Bungalow or rent a tent for the night. This place is rightfully recognized by tourists as the most quiet and sparsely populated on the island. The main activity on the island of Tarutao is a relaxing holiday on the beach, but if you want you can take trekking trips deep into the island to the waterfalls, climb the mountains and visit the caves. Some beaches offer snorkeling. The ruins of the old prison can be viewed on the beach "Ao Taloh Udang".
But be careful when walking around the island, especially in the southern part of it. It is known that the southern part of the island is used by gangs that are engaged in human trafficking. There are several prisons in the jungle where they keep their live goods. A couple of years ago, the police conducted a demonstration RAID and released prisoners from several such prisons. Some of the released prisoners fled to the island, because they simply have nowhere to run, because they are not expected in their countries. These former victims now live in the jungle and can also be dangerous.
On the island of Tarutao, as in the National Park as a whole, you can relax all year round. But the high and low season stands out. The high season (dry season) runs from November to may. At this time, there are additional ferry and speed boat flights between the Islands, and all hotels are open. The low season (rainy season) is June - October. At the same time, the most unsuccessful month is October. In General, at this time, you can also have a good rest on the Islands, but many ferry routes are suspended, there are only flights to the island of Ko Lipe. Many hotels are closed for repairs or vacations.