Thai watermelon

Thai watermelon

In Thailand, there are many varieties of watermelons. They differ in taste, fruit weight, shape (elongated, oval and round), and flesh color.
The most expensive are considered watermelons with yellow and orange flesh, because they are less common and secondly, the Thai yellow color is the color of wealth. The highest price for such watermelons. The most inexpensive Thai watermelons are small red, oval - shaped ones. They are by the way the most delicious, and their size is the most ideal. The homeland of watermelon is South Africa, but in the vast expanses of Thailand, it is grown on almost every plantation. The size of the local striped berries is small, so you will not find really large watermelons here.
 In Thailand, watermelons are very popular for the feeling of freshness that they give in hot weather. And Thais are a very beautiful cut shapes from watermelon, especially for festivals and celebrations or for the table. Watermelon pulp contains well-digested natural sugars, vitamins C, B1, B2, PP, carotene, folic acid, pectin polysaccharides, as well as fiber and trace elements: sodium, potassium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, and calcium. This range of nutrients has a good effect on the cardiovascular system (and hypertension), the endocrine glands, increases the activity of the beneficial intestinal microflora, and has a beneficial effect in kidney diseases (including stones). Watermelons perfectly quench your thirst and help to remove toxic substances from the body. The caloric content of watermelon is 27 kcal / 100 g. watermelons Ripen all year round, but the peak yield is in October-March.
 The smallest and cheapest Thai watermelons, with red flesh. Such watermelons are insanely sweet, to the very crust! And watermelons of this size are most convenient to eat, first one half, then the other. The skin of these watermelons is dark. Large round-oval watermelons with pink flesh. These watermelons are usually sold at farmers ' fruit markets, but you won't find them in supermarkets. These watermelons are large by Thai watermelon standards, with an average of 6 kg. the Flesh is pink. Often there are not too sweet, less sweet than the above mentioned.  Red watermelons with light skin. These watermelons go under a series of red-yellow, they even have a sticker of red and yellow watermelon. Outwardly indistinguishable. Ask what kind of watermelon should be the seller, or often they are notched. Very tasty watermelons, like the first small ones, but for some reason their price is always much higher. The average weight is 4-5 kg. Small watermelons with bright yellow flesh. Their flesh is very rich yellow, bright. Insanely sweet! The taste is very different from all red watermelons. It is also watermelon, but with a different note and a different sweetness. Unrealistically delicious kind of watermelons. Medium-sized watermelons with light yellow flesh. These watermelons are slightly larger than the small yellow ones. And their flesh is much lighter in color, not as rich. Very sweet, but the sweetness is not particularly watermelon. More like water with sugar.  Watermelons are yellow on the outside, red on the inside. These watermelons are always clearly elongated. Their weight is small, only 2-3 kg. they Look more like a melon than a watermelon. It tastes exactly like red watermelons. Very sweet, delicious! Watermelons are orange elongated. Their flesh is orange, not yellow. The shape is elongated, the weight of watermelons is small, 3-4 kg. Good, sweet, rich watermelon taste. Seedless watermelons, red and pink. These watermelons are the largest among Thai watermelons, their weight is usually 8-9 kg. the Shape is clearly round, they seem to be inflated. The skin is light, non-uniform. They either have no bones at all, or they are white and do not feel at all. Their flesh is medium between red and pink.
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