The European New Year in Thailand

The European New Year in Thailand

The European New Year in Thailand began to be celebrated in the country not so long ago-since 1940, when king Rama the Fifth decided to get closer to the West, setting January 1 as an official holiday on the Gregorian calendar. By the way, the Thais themselves are not fully "accustomed" to such an initiative, so the country still celebrates three new years - according to the Thai calendar in April and the Chinese New year in Thailand, which is celebrated near the end of January.
The majority of local residents relates to the December the New Year quietly - for many, this ordinary day, just like everyone else. But in the resort cities of Pattaya and Bangkok, the Christian holiday is celebrated on a Grand scale. After all, it is during this period that large cities are filled with tourists and local youth, who have already fallen in love with the European New year as a native holiday. Prepare for the celebration in the cities since the first days of December-streets, squares, shops, shopping centers are decorated with neon lights, which are quite a lot on a normal day. Towards the end of the month, almost every street in Pattaya and Bangkok glows with bright and colorful lights. Christmas tree-the main attribute of the New Year and loved the locals. However, it is difficult to find a real tree in the country (Christmas trees simply do not grow here), artificial "beauties" from PVC come to replace them.
The holiday atmosphere in the city can be felt already on December 31, when tourists from Europe fill the streets, beaches and shopping centers of the cities. Russian, German, English, and French can be heard everywhere. If you want to celebrate the New year in this "smiling" country (winter vacation in Thailand), sitting at a table in a restaurant or other institution, it is best to book places in advance, as on new year's eve, all the " hot " places can be just busy. Do you want to celebrate the New Year in a noisy and fun way? Go to the Volkint Street in Pattaya or Bangnla road in Phuket-on December 31, there are crowds of vacationers, and a beautiful girl in a colorful suit will kindly greet you with a smile in any institution. Closer to midnight, wherever you are - at the beach or in the city center, look at the sky - Thais arrange a symbolic show of sky lanterns. And after the traditional battle of the chimes, the lanterns are replaced by a volley of fireworks - here they are really colorful and unforgettable.
The traditional New Year for us is a festive celebration in Thailand, which lasts from December 31 to January 3. Many Thais use this opportunity to travel within the country or abroad. For people who are away from their hometown, this is the time to go home and visit family and loved ones. Thai schools hold parties for students, performances and games for children, as well as the traditional exchange of gifts. Firms and institutions also organize a new year's holiday for their employees and colleagues with festive feasts and presents. At this time, various events, concerts and grandiose fireworks are held throughout the country.
One of the largest venues for festivities is located in Bangkok in front of the Central world trade center. A number of Thais visit local temples to make offerings, Thai Buddhists consider it a good gesture to give alms to the monks, as well as delicious food and fruit, listen to their sermons. In Pattaya, which is buzzing on normal nights, on New Year's just stands on your ears! The epicenter of the fun-of course, on the rattling street Walking Street, where a scattering of bars, clubs, cabarets and discos, and entertainment programs one another more beautiful. The largest stage with a countdown to the New Year is set on the square at the Bali high pier. There is also a concert with the participation of Thai pop stars. People gather near the Central Festival shopping center, near the largest Christmas tree in the city. Shortly before midnight, you can launch into the sky fascinating flying lanterns, designed to take away all the misery. Well, at 00: 00 on the black velvet sky flash incredible, spectacular fireworks. By the way, it is best to observe them from the observation deck of Pratamnak hill or from the territories of various ruftop bars. In Phuket, the famous Full Moon party dance parties, imbued with an atmosphere of intoxicating freedom, are held on the Thai island of Phangan every month and last for three days. New Year is a special occasion to come here. Dozens of dance floors are installed, where DJs play house, techno, trance, hip-hop, reggae, etc. Makashnitsy and cafes will not let you stay hungry. Booze is sold in plastic buckets-a mixture of ice, alcohol and energy.  A feature that adds drive-incendiary fire shows. This must be seen! Well, you can sleep right on the beach, it is not forbidden.
Happy New Year 2020! Happiness and health to You! Good luck with everything!