Ramayana Water Park

Ramayana Water Park

Ramayana water Park is a Thai themed water Park located 25 kilometers South of Pattaya (Chonburi province), 1.5 hours by car from Bangkok. Today it is the largest water Park in Thailand and one of the largest in the entire South-East.
In November 2011, a solemn ceremony of consecration and laying the first stone in the Foundation of the construction of the water Park "Ramayana"was held. The total cost of the project was more than 46 million US dollars. The water Park officially opened to the public on may 5, 2016. "Ramayana" is one of the largest water parks in Asia, located on more than 18 hectares of land, 25 km South of Pattaya, near the famous vineyards "Silverlake" and a large image of Buddha. The Park is surrounded by a natural landscape with green hills, waterfalls, lakes and rivers. The water Park is a thematic place, the main idea of which was the "forgotten ancient city". The theme of the water Park was developed by ATECH, which had previously designed Disneyland in Hong Kong. Water in the water Park comes from its own underground sources, passing multi-stage purification through filtration systems from Pentair and Wayfit.
All equipment (water attractions) for the water Park are made and installed by the canadian company WhiteWater West. The water Park has 21 water slides. For example: attractions Python and Aquaconda with large (diameter of 6 meters) tunnels and weaving one tunnel into another; attractions Dueling Aquacoaster, twin slides with the same trajectory of descent; River slide-descent down into the "lazy river". Water attractions are divided into several groups: extreme downhill slides (Freefall and Aqualoop, descent through the capsule) rafting slides (Python, Aquaconda and Boomerango); slides with a smoother slide (Serpantine, Spiral and River slide) and slides for competitions (the Mat Racer and Dueling Aquacoaster). The water Park has a "lazy river", a length of 600 meters with various waterfalls and geysers, a pool with double waves of different heights (beach length 150 meters), as well as a pool for active sports (length 60 meters) and a bar located directly in the pool with Jacuzzi. Entertainment on land: sand Playground for active sports, children's maze, floating market, island with a sculpture on the rock; you can also walk along the river Bank, feed the elephants and take part in cultural programs. On the territory of the water Park "Ramayana" there are two children's play areas. The first-with different fountains and different water levels, is designed for preschool children. The second-children's water town with slides, water guns, ladders, fountains and a large barrel at the top, periodically filled with water, thrown down. Children can also enjoy the lazy river attraction, the double wave pool, the maze, as well as feeding elephants and visiting the island with a sculpture on the rock under the supervision of adults. "Ramayana" offers for visitors: restaurants, bars and cafes, with a variety of cuisine, including a children's restaurant; lockers for personal belongings, towels, more than 40 gazebos for relaxation, massage salon, SPA with fish (fish peeling) free high-speed Wi-Fi and a shop selling related products, where you can buy adult and children's bathing suits, hats, flip-flops, Souvenirs and more. Pay for food, drinks and additional services in the water Park can be cashless, pre-putting money into a special account, access to which-through the bracelet.
Due to the constantly good weather, the Park is open daily from 10: 00 to 18: 00. The buffet is available from 11: 00 to 16: 00. Slides close at 17: 45. The water Park has the following rates: adult ticket - 1190 baht; children up to 120 cm – 890 baht; pensioners, pregnant women - 590 baht; children under 90 cm-free entrance. The cost is affected by the type of ticket: Normal. Provide the opportunity to ride on all attractions. With lunch. In addition to the many recreational opportunities, provide access to the buffet. The price of this ticket is slightly more, but without food in the Park will be difficult.
On the territory of this mini-town there is a cafe where you can order any food and drinks separately, or pay for a buffet and approach it as much as you need. The choice of dishes is great, and the prices are affordable. You can not bring food and drinks to the Park. You can rent a storage room of the desired size, a towel and a gazebo. There are bungalows of three sizes for different number of people, from 2 to 12. It is possible to order a massage and VIP service. "Ramayana" has a spacious Parking lot, a large number of massage and toilet cubicles. There is a medical center on the territory, about 100 rescuers monitor the safety of vacationers. Sunscreen, swimming cap and everything you need can be bought on the spot in the store.