Tour Madagascar in Pattaya

Tour Madagascar in Pattaya

Madagascar excursion in Pattaya is the most popular sea excursion, which is open all year round. Even in low season, summer.
Madagascar cruise is designed for the whole day-here and swimming in the open sea, water slides, recreation on a desert island, feeding monkeys, fishing, snorkeling, banana rides and foam disco. At the same time, Madagascar is suitable not only for lovers of active and fun holidays, but also for those who want relaxation and silence. Why Madagascar cruise is the most popular and best-selling sea excursion in Pattaya.
As you know, Pattaya has a lot of sea excursions that appear, disappear, reappear and disappear unable to withstand the competition and low season. Madagascar tour in Pattaya is held for the seventh year, successfully surviving all plagiarists and constantly improving. The level of this program you will feel early in the morning when you climb on the largest excursion ship in Pattaya - 3 decks, cleanliness, cohesive cheerful team - the whole day passes "like clockwork" so that tourists are unloaded in the evening on the pier Bali Hai with a smile from ear to ear and the desire to repeat the trip in the next few days. Tourists begin to gather from hotels from 8: 10 - 8: 40 am. There are several buses, so you will not ride around Pattaya for a long time. You arrive at the pier around 9 a.m., load on the black diamond, and leave at 9: 30. The time of collection and departure may vary in one direction or another. It is great that during the day for guests of the ship are available cold and hot drinks, cookies, fruit. You pour yourself a coffee and go to get acquainted.
Madagascar team - cheerful, lively, prepared for any questions young people, each of which is attached to its front work. They are the "eyes and ears" of the ship - throughout the day will monitor your safety, give a good mood, make sure that everyone was fed, satisfied, entertained and pleased. During the day, the second deck hosts games and shows for tourists. Participation is optional, but wanting a lot because leading Madagascar is easy and unobtrusive will Wake up even the most sullen and sleepy.
The three-deck ship can easily accommodate more than 150 people and it does not feel crowded, all the rest, lunch and so on are planned so that there are no queues and crush. On the first deck you can eat, drink, smoke. Deck's open. It has an alcohol bar, tea-coffee, biscuits, carbonated drinks for self-service, toilets. If you not want to participate in bid or want sit-to communicate - you here. You can admire the sea, the waves, breathe fresh air. The second deck is a place for General fun, contests, announcements, foam disco and DJ console. Third deck - aerosolyary. It is possible to sunbathe-relax in silence while sailing to the monkeys or the island to swim.
Madagascar-a tour that even beginners in Pattaya choose one of the first. A lot of events, quality program and very attractive price. One reason is monkey island. Monkeys are a magnet for tourists, they are loved by almost everyone. Since there are many of us, on the island of monkeys unload in turn as many as 3 boats, so that everyone could communicate, take pictures with the macaques who live on the island savages and feel like real stars. If you carefully listen to the advice of the team to implement them, danger monkeys can't imagine. The rules are simple-do not keep your hands in your pockets, do not take valuables to the island. Hair, bright hair clips to remove. Not to laugh loudly, not to show teeth, not to twitch-monkeys perceive such actions as aggression. In any case, you always have one of the guys who will help to make beautiful photos. Those who do not want to go to the monkeys can stay on the ship.
After a visit to the monkeys, everyone can swim in the open sea and ride the water slides, which are located directly on the ship. Children under 10 years old swim only with their parents or with an escort, all who are in the sea should hold on after the descent into the water by the rope, so as not to be carried away by the current.  Life jackets a lot, enough for everyone. In the water and on the ship while swimming guys responsible for the safety of watching everyone, ready to help if that. Slides are great! The opportunity to jump into the water, swim in open water-also incomparable pleasure! Especially in hot weather and under the sultry Thai sun. After bathing, you can take a shower and relax.
While some people participate in competitions and fun on the second deck, the rest have already begun to dine on the first deck of the ship. Lunch in Madagascar is served around 13: 30 and consists of 4 dishes. This soup-ear of sea fish, fried chicken legs, rice with vegetables, cabbage salad "Cole slow", carrot salad with green papaya. Everything is very, very tasty and not spicy. Both adults and children eat with pleasure. Portions are large, you can come for more.
Ate, rested and already swim up to the island of Ko Sak. An unspoilt horseshoe island, Koh Sak is accessible to a limited number of people. This island used to be quite exclusive. They brought only the rich and famous, who left their traces on a kind of" walk of fame", leading through the path from the beach to the beach. Here visited: the king of Thailand and the Queen, the Shah of Iran, the Duke of Edinburgh and even Neil Armstrong with baz Aldrin. Here and now do not carry tourists in droves.  On the island it is convenient to come up with a Parking lot of ships and boats. They stay behind the island and do not interfere with swimming. Ko Sak is a small but very cozy and clean island. Turquoise water, lots of fish, pure white sand squeaky as snow and untouched jungle. Free sunbeds in the shade, drinking cold water, fins and snorkels are available for tourists. Ko Sak island is loved by novice divers, it is ideal for beginners: a large number of corals and rich marine fauna. There is a small cafe where you can buy drinks and fruits. People immediately cooperated to play volleyball. The rest went swimming or to be photographed. There are professional photographers and videographers on the ship, to whom you can order both photo and video shooting or both at once. Fishermen and sympathizers can stay on the ship and try to catch sea fish. Fishing off Koh Sak is excellent. Biting great. Foam disco Madagascar-this is a release of adrenaline, emotions and fun, words can not convey! It is possible to be absolutely not drinking and to float in soap bubbles.
At 18:30 hours, you can already see the lights of Pattaya, people eat delicious local watermelons and pineapples, drinking rum and it's time to say goodbye to this wonderful tour!