The Island Of Phi Phi

The Island Of Phi Phi

Phi Phi is an island off the coast of Thailand, between the mainland and Phuket island. Part of Krabi province. Phi Phi Islands consist of two main Islands (Phi Phi don and Phi Phi Le) and 4 tiny Islands.
The Islands were badly affected by the tsunami that shook the entire Indian ocean in December 2004, killing about 2 thousand people (including 1200 are still missing). The archipelago is known for the fact that there were shooting the film "Beach" with Leonardo DiCaprio in the title role.
Phi Phi don is the main and only inhabited island of the archipelago. The area is 28 km2. Phi Phi don consists of two limestone monoliths, connected by a sand bar about a kilometer long and a minimum width of about 150 m. On the spit is the main settlement and from the Bay of Ton SAI is a pier capable of receiving small ships. It is noteworthy that Phi Phi don is a completely pedestrian island, no vehicles are allowed here (with the exception of police and ambulance vehicles), people move on foot, on bicycles, and goods are pushed in front of them in carts.
 Phi Phi Le is a limestone monolith, rising vertically from the water for the most part of the coast. The area is 6.6 km2. In the caves on the island of Phi Phi Le, the locals use bamboo poles to climb to dizzying heights behind the swallow's nests, which later, being sold for fabulous money, are used for the preparation of delicious soups. The main gathering place is the Viking cave. 
Phi Phi Islands is a very beautiful place, but is it worth it. The Islands are incredibly beautiful when you swim them on the ship, just do not take your eyes off! No photo is able to convey this! On the approaches to Phi Phi Lei island there is a picturesque rock. First, the ship passes around the island of Koh Phi Phi Lei, there is just the steepest views of the rocks. The flat part of the island mainly consists of a Bazaar. The main attraction is the observation deck. The days when it was necessary to climb through the jungle on a dirty slippery trail are long gone.Now there are concrete steps. The territory is owned by a Muslim family, they ennobled everything there, made gazebos, paths, steps, put chairs and hung everywhere signs prohibiting to drink alcohol on their territory. There is also a sign that from this place you can watch both sunrises and sunsets. Climb sooo hot, but the views are still worth it. 
Despite the fact that it seems to be a "Paradise island", Phi Phi don is not always nice to swim. On the main beaches a narrow strip of sand and solid bars. Many people. The water is muddy and too warm, and it floats some scraps (hopefully not products of human activity). 50 meters from the shore becomes a little more transparent. On the beaches further away from the pier, especially those that can only be reached by boat, the situation is better. If there is time and money, then this is the perfect option to enjoy the nature of the island rather than sit in the crowd and swim in the mud. You can also rent a kayak and swim to the remote beaches yourself. Usually on the island of Phi Phi from Phuket carry for one or two days. The price includes the collection of the national Park, transfer from the main resorts of Phuket and some food. They can give equipment for snorkeling, but it is more hygienic to take your own.
 The most favorable time to visit the exotic archipelago with a tropical monsoon climate is the period from October to March. In the dry season, when the weather itself favors a relaxed or active rest, the average water temperature is 29 degrees Celsius, and the air - about 30. The rainy season starts in June and lasts until September.
12 years ago, there was no tourist infrastructure at Phi Phi Le. Everything changed after its inclusion in the Marine national Park. This is a stunningly beautiful tropical Paradise with virgin nature, which is a must-see. People often come here for a day to meet the dawn and fully enjoy the impregnable rocks, escaping from the depths of the sea, amazing lagoons and explore the mysterious caves, concealing a lot of interesting things. The largest beach of the island is Ton SAI with coconut palms and white sand. This is a great place for youth recreation, as here is the main part of discos and bars. In Ton Sai Bay ships arrive with new tourists, and from here sail guests of Thailand to the neighboring beaches, which can not be reached by land. In the center of Ton SAI is always crowded, so to swim, you have to look for corners in other places. It is an accessible but rather dirty beach with a pier, where new ferries and boats are constantly arriving, so the muddy water is not very suitable for swimming. On the other side of the isthmus is located Lo dalam Bay - clean and cozy beach. However, tourists admit that Loh Dalam Bay is quite shallow, and during the tides the water goes almost 200 meters. His love for the youth for a night of partying in the open air, continued until the morning. Monkey Beach is often included in the excursion program of pleasure boats. The beach is the picturesque island of Phi Phi in Thailand with a pretty, defiant affection animals love foreign guests, loves to feed funny monkeys bananas and pineapple slices. Long Beach can only be reached by boat from Ton Sai Bay. On the beautiful beach with clear water is always a lot of tourists, so those who like solitude, you can advise Laem Tong Beach, which built several luxury hotels for those who prefer peace and quiet travelers. 
There are about 80 hotels and guesthouses of different levels of service. Accommodation here is much more expensive than on other Islands of Thailand. It should be borne in mind that at the height of the tourist season prices increase several times. Guests of Paradise recommend to stay in the North of the island of Phi Phi don in a few hotels located near the secluded beaches of Laem Tong Beach or Long Beach. And poor young people who came to have fun, you can advise the center of the resort, where everything you need for a fun holiday. Tourists who choose luxury hotels of Phi Phi island (Thailand) will have to fork out for 1800 baht per night. Those who want to save money can choose the so-called beachfront-hotels, in which there is nothing but a bed and a fan (600 baht per day). They are located in the village of Ton SAI, where life rages even at night.