Tom-Yam - sour-spicy soup based on chicken broth with shrimp, chicken, fish or other seafood. The national dish of Laos and Thailand. Also used in neighboring countries: Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.
Literally the name of the soup consists of two Thai words "Tom" and "Yam". Tom literally translates as "cook" or "boil". "Yam" - Thai spicy salad. Thus, in Thailand and Laos, "Tom-Yam" means the common name of hot sour-spicy soups. For a more accurate name at the end of the added type of meat or broth. "Tom-Yam-Kai" - Tom-Yam with chicken, "Tom-Yam-Thale" - Tom-Yam with seafood, "Tom-Yam-Kai-Nam-Khon" - Tom-Yam with chicken on coconut milk and so on. In neighboring countries, such as Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, as well as in restaurants around the world, the name "Tom-Yam" is widely used to refer to various Thai spicy soups, which can be very different from the original, which often causes confusion.
Tom-Yam-kung - Tom-Yam with shrimp. This version of the soup is the most popular among tourists. Tom-Yam-PAA or Tom-Yam-PLA - with fish. Before the arrival of mass tourism in Thailand, this kind of soup was the most common in the country, as fish is the most affordable product in Thailand. Tom yum Gai or Tom Yam Kai- chicken. Tom Yam Thale is a variant of Tom Yam soup with various seafood such as shrimp, squid, scallops, mussels, pieces of sea fish, etc. Tom-Yam-Nam-Khon is a relatively new variation of the soup, almost always prepared with shrimp as the main ingredient and milk or coconut milk, which is added at the very end of cooking. Tom-Yam-kung-maphrao-Nam-Khon is a version of shrimp soup with coconut milk and pieces of coconut pulp. Tom-yum-ka-Moo - soup based on pork shank. Long is boiled on slow fire. In the modern popular version of the soup are often added oyster mushrooms or straw mushrooms. Also, the soup is decorated with freshly cut cilantro or cilantro seeds (coriander). Sometimes add the chili paste, which gives the soup a brighter orange color and makes the taste of pepper more saturated. The Royal Lao version of Tom Yam includes a pinch of rice. In the normal version, rice is served separately to the soup.
Ingredients for a real Thai soup "Tom Yam". Broth (Chicken.For the best chicken broth use the whole chicken.) - 2 l Prawns (Tiger or king ) - 300 g Mushrooms (Champignons) - 200 g lime - 1 piece of Pasta (Pasta that is Tom yum, the number-approximate-to taste) - 2 tbsp coconut Milk (amount is approximate, to taste) - 4 tbsp Lemon grass (lemongrass) - 4 PCs. Sheet of wood (Kaffir lime) - 5 PCs Ginger - 1 PC. Cilantro - 1 bunch. Tomato - 1 PC. Sauce (fish sauce) - 2 tbsp. Salt (to taste). Chili pepper - 1 PC. Sugar (to taste). Cooking time - 30 minutes, the number of servings - 3.
Thai cuisine is not only delicious, but also different medicinal properties of its herbal ingredients. Tom Yam kung is one of the best examples.