Koh Lipe Island

Koh Lipe Island

Koh Lipe island-a small island in the South of Thailand in the Andaman sea in Satun province, is located near Malaysia (the nearest Malaysian island Langkawi is only 30 km).
Ko Lipe is part of the marine national Park Tarutao, for a visit which you have to pay 200 baht per person. Koh Lipe island became known to tourists relatively recently: some 40 years ago it was inhabited by sea Gypsies from Malaysia, and the first European tourists appeared in the 90s of the last century. Koh Lipe island in Thailand, despite its small area (about two square kilometers) is a truly Paradise on the edge of Thailand. And it is home to just over 700 people, all of them come from Malaysia and are members of the same tribe Chao Lei (Chao Lei), which is often called the sea Gypsies.
Those who have been there, note the unusually clean sea and beautiful beaches with white sand. On this piece of land will be boring for those who love crowded parties and extreme entertainment. Day relaxation on the beach is followed by quiet gatherings in one of the many bars. By midnight, life on the island completely freezes. The attraction of it adds a lot of uninhabited Islands nearby, where you can spend the whole day in solitude - fishing, snorkeling and diving. Despite the swarming Andaman sea around, a special variety of seafood dishes you will not find. But all that is on the plates, guaranteed fresh. In addition, at very affordable prices. If you are not tempted by a permanent fish day, you can go to the restaurant, and a lot of them, which serves the usual European dishes. In General, the cost of the check in the restaurant is the same as in Phuket. If you want to see in Thailand something that is not too trampled by tourists, you should hurry to visit this island. In recent years, the pressure of civilization has increased. For example, electricity is given 24 hours a day, there is even Internet. Bungalows on the beach are replaced by pretty decent hotels.
The main walking street here is only one. On it you can find a currency exchange, souvenir shops, cafes, post office, pharmacy, travel Agency. But everything here is quite expensive, and the exchange rate is not very profitable, so for budget tourists it is best to buy everything you need and change money on the mainland. No ATM here. Some hotels accept credit cards and offer to cash money from your Bank card for a fee, which is extremely unprofitable. Change in the exchange office can be both dollars and Malaysian ringgit, which is convenient if you come from Langkawi island. On the island there are many bars and restaurants located within 200 meters from the sea or right on the beach. This is the main evening entertainment on the island, discos and Nightclubs are not here. No attractions on Koh Lipe, except its beaches, nature and a small Buddhist temple, no.
Koh Lipe island in Thailand is famous for its beaches. It has four sections of the coast-Karma Beach, Sunrise Beach, Sunset Beach and Pattaya Beach. Unassuming and seeking privacy can be advised Bila Beach and Sanom Beach. There are even more wild and smaller in size. All parts of the coast are connected by paths and it will not be difficult to bypass them in a few hours. You can stop wherever you like. Sunset Beach on Koh Lipe island (also known as Hat Pramong) is the smallest beach compared to the two main ones - Sunrise and Pattaya. It is located in a secluded lagoon with large boulders sticking out of the sand and water. From this place opens stunning sunsets, gathering a crowd of onlookers. Vacationers come here to relax and escape from the busy places on the island. Sunrise Beach on Koh Lipe island (also known as Hat Chao Ley Beach due to its proximity to the native village of Chao Ley) has the longest coastline and wonderful views of the nearby mountain island of Koh Adang. Despite the fact that Sunrise Beach is less visited than Pattaya Beach, it constantly attracts tourists who love diving at shallow depths. This beach is probably the best place for this kind of activity. A large abundance of representatives of the underwater world, floating in the area, no doubt, will amaze vacationers. Tourists visit it in the first place to admire the beautiful dawn and enjoy the cool breeze on hot days. Pattaya Beach because of its beauty is called "postcard Ko Lipe". This is the main beach of the island with 1.5 kilometers of white sand with turquoise water. In addition, this beach is crossed by walking Street, which attracts tourists from all over the island. Some tourists visit Pattaya Beach in order to taste the menu in dozens of restaurants, bars and cafes, others - to play volleyball, Frisbee, kayaking, massage or Spa treatments in one of the salons or just take a NAP in a hammock under the palm trees. In the evening, fishermen come here on logtails from the village of Chao Lei for crab fishing. This time is considered very interesting to visit the beach. Koh Lipe island in southern Thailand is quiet and Patriarchal. From entertainment you will be offered fishing, diving and snorkeling, as well as excursions to the Islands, of which there are countless in the Tarutao marine national Park - from uninhabited rocks to relatively large and well-lived.
Koh Lipe closest in Thailand to the equator. Therefore, there is a pronounced tropical climate, in which only two seasons - rainy, from late April to November; and dry-the rest of the year. The best weather and the largest number of tourists stay on the island from December to January. If you are not afraid of occasional rains and want relative peace, go to Koh Lipe at the end or at the beginning of the high season - it's October and November, as well as February and March. From April to September, the most risky period: the sea storm, and the rains are protracted. However, there are miracles when the whole week in the sky a cloud.
There are hotels of different categories on the island. Hotels Koh Lipe island in Thailand is very diverse in terms of comfort and price. You can find a very cheap Guesthouse with one air conditioning or stay in a room with all conceivable European amenities. It is worth noting that in the low season most of the hotels are closed and the choice is significantly limited. The minimum price per night is 500 baht. Decent room at the beginning and end of the high season from 1.5 to 2 thousand baht. At the peak of the tourist boom prices soar - they are higher than twice.