Big C stores in Thailand

Big C stores in Thailand

The largest hypermarkets "Big C" in Thailand are located mainly in two-storey buildings. On the territory there are grocery and hardware stores, fast food and clothing stores.
"Big C" refers to a network of hypermarkets located throughout Thailand.  Here you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables, pastries.  Also in "Big C" has its own brand, offering a variety of products at low prices. Grocery stores also offer a wide selection of meat products. Thais sell everything: pork, beef, chicken, minced meat and semi-finished products from them. The second large Department in each grocery store - seafood. The range of fish strikes with a variety and freshness of products of the sea. The hypermarket presents Thai pharmacies, electronics, toy stores and everything else that is found in such outlets.
"Big C" consists of two floors. On the first is "Food Park", where you can eat inexpensive Europeanized Thai dishes with fragrant sauces for every taste, also here are sold clothes, accessories and more. On the second floor there is a Bank, an exhibition of real estate (showing models of houses under construction, which you can buy at the construction stage), a home goods store and a grocery Department "Big C". It is very tasty pastries. A huge range of donuts, buns and other sweets. From ready-made food you can buy soups, shrimp, fish,grilled chicken, chops, rice with chicken and pork, noodles, chicken etc. Here the food is very beneficial to arrive in the evening, because here closer to the closing of the store, take off the price of ready meals.  Minus 50% is the norm here. The store also has an import Department where you can buy corn in cans, beans, cheese, millet, mustard, muesli, chocolate, pasta, cornflakes, whipped cream, etc.  Still here for sale a very delicious jam from oranges, Maracay and other fruit. In combination with white sliced bread, it becomes a pleasant and very tasty addition to Breakfast. There is also a Department with household chemicals, where you can buy our usual shampoos, balms, Soaps, toothpastes and more. In addition, large areas are given for non-food products: Souvenirs, clothes and shoes for children and adults, audio, video and computer equipment, refrigerators, washing machines, pots, pans, spoons, knives, electric tiles and rice cookers, kettles, fans, backpacks, bags, suitcases, children's goods, sports goods, bicycles, discs with movies, music and games, stationery. And this is only an incomplete list of goods. Just really a lot. You can pay in cash or by card.
Prices in the hypermarket delight visitors, which causes the number of buyers. The average cost of fresh vegetables - 20-50 baht, and fruit - from 30 baht per kilogram. The cost of a particular product depends on the season: if the plant ripens at another time, the price of the fruit will be higher. Seafood is sold at good prices: a kilogram of fish will cost 20 or more baht, and, for example, shrimp - 150 baht. Prices for fresh meat - from 50 baht per kilo of chicken, from 90 baht-for pork. "Big C" offers visitors who buy raw fish or meat, cook them on the spot. Buyer shall designate the method of cooking, and after 25-30 minutes of taking ready-made food. As a rule, this procedure is free, although some chefs ask up to 20-30 baht for the service. Buying clothes in a hypermarket allows you to save on it. On average, for example, t-shirts are from 60 baht per piece. In the evening, grocery stores offer great discounts on fresh products: fish, meat, pastries. Perishable products can be bought at a discount after eight o'clock in the evening.
 You can eat in the "Big C" in the food court, located on the ground floor, or buy fresh products and ask to cook them for a small fee. Food court is one of the less expensive ways to eat in Pattaya. The main range of food in the food court - Asian and Thai cuisine, although there are global brands and small restaurants of European cuisine. The food court is similar to that of other institutions of such a plan: the visitor completes the card, then paying it for services. There is also a games room on site. The cost of visit - 40 baht per child. Food prices in the food court are low: a full meal will cost 100 baht per person.
Working hours of "Big C" - from 8 am to 11 PM.