Shops Tesco Lotus

Shops  Tesco Lotus

Supermarket chain "Tesco Lotus" is more than 1,000 stores located in all cities of the Thai Kingdom. Under this name hides a whole network of supermarkets and shops located in almost every city in Thailand (total - more than 1000 outlets). "Tesco Lotus"is part of the network of the English retail giant ”Tesco".
"Tesco Lotus" is a real hypermarket where you can buy anything you want. All shops in Pattaya offer a huge range, you will definitely not go hungry or suffer from a lack of familiar products during the holidays. There you can not only buy a variety of fish, shrimp, squid, crabs, but also to order their free cooking. All you have to do-is to choose the method of cooking, and then come at the appointed time and pick up the finished dish. Those who like to save, can come to the store after 7 PM, then there are additional discounts on pastries, finished products or cutting. Usually they sell goods of Thai production, but there are also foreign, mainly from Germany, Australia, China, the United States and the UK. Prices in Pattaya for imported goods are quite expensive, all the fault of the protective customs duties. The policy of the government of Thailand - do not depend on imported food suppliers, and this is right-so that something, and food should be produced only in the country, and not to buy abroad.
In "Tesco Lotus" you can buy inexpensive, but high-quality clothes. Prices are slightly higher than the market, but the choice will please you. There is a children's Department, where they sell diapers, hygiene products for the little ones, mixtures, bottles, toys and much more. You can buy some Souvenirs in the gifts Department, where they sell suitcases of different sizes. In the store you can find products produced under the brand name“Tesco Lotus” . For them, the main motto is high quality and low price. The fruit Department can offer an abundance of all kinds of exotic fruits at the most attractive cost. And you do not have to go to the market to buy something interesting. Here you can even find those fruits, which are not the season, that's just the price is not low. In the Department of electronics and home appliances you can see a huge selection of products for the kitchen, TV, computers, phones, all kinds of accessories. Cosmetic Department offers products of international and Thai brands. For the entire hypermarket are plenty of souvenir shops, and boutiques with clothing, accessories, points of public catering.
"Tesco Lotus" is among the cheapest hypermarkets in Thailand. Here come the Thais themselves, and guests of the resort, many are bought here for a week. Prices for goods are very different. Alcohol in the store is not the cheapest. These Housewives will appreciate the Department of household appliances. In addition, in the store you can buy first-aid kits with the most necessary medicines. "Tesco Lotus" has a large selection of places to eat. Ice cream lovers will appreciate "Swensen's". In addition to it, there are Thai restaurants, a pizzeria. On the second floor of the supermarket there is a fast food restaurant called food court. It occupies a rather large area and offers dishes of different cuisines. The main emphasis, of course, is made on Asian cuisine, but at the same time you can always order European dishes. Payment is made by card, which should be taken at the cash Desk at the entrance and put money on it. Portions of the food court are inexpensive and cost an average of 100 baht. There are first courses, salads, rice, eggs, chicken, steaks and more. The balance that you will have on your card, you can always cash out. "Tesco Lotus" shops are open every day from 8 AM  to 23 PM.
Around Thailand scattered mini-shops "Tesco Lotus", which are open around the clock. They can buy basic necessities, food, water, juices, alcohol and much more. Immediately you will be able to warm up semi-finished products for every taste and you can eat. Make yourself tea or coffee. Enjoy your meal!