Taibol or simply Thai football is a mix of volleyball, football and kung fu.
Living in a foreign country, will not Willy acquainted with its traditions and characteristics. Of course, settling in Thailand, sooner or later you will learn about the national sport - taibol.
The basis for Thai football was the football, which appeared in Brazil in the 70-ies of XX century. Futvoley was invented by Octavio de Moraes, a native of Rio de Janeiro, and represented a game where two players were located on both sides of the volleyball net and began to kick the ball with his foot until it falls to the ground. The height of the grid is usually at least 2 meters. The game is divided into sets, as in tennis. You can play one set up to 18 points or extend the game up to three sets up to 15 points. Futvoley rules are almost similar to volleyball, with, of course, its own characteristics.
After some time, footvolley has spread across the planet. And in the end reached Asia,where he gained popularity. In Thailand, it has become a national sport, but not without the introduction of national features. A few centuries ago, kung fu and Muay Thai masters used the ball in their training. Only to score a "goal" used basket, similar to basketball. Therefore, when the wave of futvoley came to Siam, the Thais crossed with him the ancient knowledge of martial arts. Today, thousands of people are going to see this spectacular show, because it really sometimes seems that the players are doing incredible!
Needless to say how impressed we are when we come to the field, where every day at sunset local Thais arrange Amateur tournaments. And all enthusiastically watching this beautiful game and smile, and admire especially successful pirouettes with the ball.
In Thai football, the rules of the game were slightly changed. For example, players in the team were three, not two as in Fotolia. Sometimes player movement reminiscent of some hip hop or fly from the matrix. Of course, the strength of will and endurance of these people is striking, because to bring yourself to such a sports form is possible only by constant training. Always at sunset, when the sun has not so much fuck, find simple Thai men in the fields to taybola. After work, they do not get tired yet to give all the best. The game runs every day and continues, despite the rain, until the dark.
If you are in Thailand, even if you are not fond of sports and if you are lucky, and you will see this amazing game. It will not leave you indifferent and you will enjoy this beautiful sight!