Koh Kood Island

Koh Kood Island

Koh Kood-an island in the Gulf of Thailand near Cambodia, administratively belongs to the province of Trat. The smallest population in the country. The population is about 2000 people in six villages, an area of 131 square kilometers the Island is part of marine national Park Mu Koh Chang.
Koh Kood - the amazing beauty of a tropical island. For the cleanest sea, greenery coconut palm trees, bright tropical flowers and soft white sand Koh Kood island is often called Thai bounty. This is one of the youngest resorts in the Kingdom, which is still developing. The first people sailed to the island in 1905. They were Cambodians forced to leave their homes because of the French conquerors. Nowadays, Koh Kood is home to about 2,000 people, and most of them are engaged in the service of tourists. Like almost all Thais, locals lead a measured and calm way of life. They live in six villages. In addition to tourism, the islanders receive income from fishing, growing coconut trees, as well as from the collection of raw materials from the rubber trees of the hevea. Koh Kood island is known for its beautiful beaches, which are located near the main tourist infrastructure-hotels, restaurants and shops. There is also a public school, a hospital, a Bank, administrative offices and a police station on the island. Because of the distance to stay on the island of Koh Kood is 1.5 times more expensive than other Thai resorts. Prices for accommodation, meals and rental vehicles are usually higher than elsewhere. And the products in the island shops are more expensive than on the mainland.
What is the island of Koh Kood is different from the rest of the numerous Islands of Thailand that its every year trying to visit more and more people? Many answer simply: "When you come to Koh Kood, you will understand everything yourself." In short, Koh Kood is a place of rest, contemplation and relaxation, a place of recovery and renewal. Every sunset is romantic, beautiful and never repeated. Arriving on Koh Kood, You'll be able to relax and body and soul, feel the unity with nature, enjoy its purity and virginity. Tropical sun will give your skin a unique chocolate tan, and the sea air is lively and beneficial. The rich underwater world will give unforgettable impressions to fans of snorkeling and diving. Evenings and nights to Which are impregnated with romance. Wherever you dine and where you meet the sunset-it will be romantic and beautiful. Here, as anywhere else in Thailand, you will be able to retire from the world, renewing the senses and finding peace of mind. Watching sunrises and sunsets, listening to the surf, again and again enjoying nature - the greatest artist and poet.
All the popular and well-maintained beaches of the island are located in its Western and southern parts, including the following: Khlong Chao - is considered the most popular and inhabited beach on the island, the length and width of which exceed 0.5 kilometers. Here you can play volleyball, football and basketball on the white sand. Laem Bang Bao-surrounded on four sides by beautiful landscapes of dense tropical forest, which is rich in interesting vegetation. The coastline is completely covered with snow-white sand, and the entry into the sea is very smooth and soft. Ao Prao-is considered to be the most beautiful beach, in the middle of which there are dozens of palm trees. They create a natural barrier from the hot sun, and the beach is famous for its beautiful sunsets. Ao Yai Koet-located near the previous beach in close proximity to the village of Klong Mat. It is always crowded, because there are no hotels near it and it occupies a very small area on the island of Koh Kood.
Transport infrastructure on the island of Koh Kood is almost completely absent, there is no public transport and even a taxi. Only locals act as the main carriers for tourists who can offer you a ride on their own motorbike. In the pleasure to move on Ko Kood to turn out only on the rented motor transport-a motorbike, Bicycle or the car. Rental offices are mainly located in major hotels of the island, which offer tourists to rent a bike, motorbike, motorcycle or car. The most expensive way to rent a car, the cost per day will be at least 1500 baht. Rent a motorbike will cost 300 baht per day and this is the best option, because it is very difficult and dangerous to move around the island by bike under the scorching sun. There is only one petrol station on the island that sells petrol and it is located near the Central pier of hlon hin Dam. If you can't buy gasoline, you can buy in stores. It is sold in cans, but its cost is several times higher than at the gas station. For a long time it is profitable to come to the island of Koh Kood with its own motorbike. The cost of its transportation by ferry will cost the price of an adult ticket.
In the Central part of Koh Kood island there are three beautiful waterfalls. The largest of them, Klong Chao, is located on the eponymous river flowing into the sea on the West coast of Koh Kood. Almost all tourists coming to the island come to admire this picturesque waterfall and swim under the flowing streams of fresh water. Klong Chao is famous for the fact that in 1911 the king of Thailand Rama VI came here. During the dry season, when there is almost no rain, the waterfall dries up to a small trickle. However, in the bowl underneath it is still nice to take a dip. Reach the waterfall on foot or kayak up the river. From the coast to Klong Chao about 2.5 km. A smaller waterfall, Klong Yai Kee also is washed by jets of water bowl for bathing. It is located North of Klong Chao, 1.5 km from the mouth of the river flowing into the sea near the resort "Captain Hook". From the coast to the waterfall is easy to walk or drive up to any transport. Huang Nam Kaew waterfall is known for less than two others. It is located in a small picturesque gorge, and the water flows down several rocky ledges, blocking the river bed. All three waterfalls can be visited free of charge at any time.
Koh Kood island is not much affected by man and especially tourists. Yes, there are luxury hotels, bungalows, there are dive centers, but it's not Koh Chang and entertainment is not very much. Koh Kood is ideal for a beach holiday, but nevertheless there is something to do in your spare time. For example, why don't you experience for yourself what island living and visit the fishing village of Ao Salad. You can arrange with local fishermen and go with them to the sea, fishing. In the village you can buy cheap seafood. On the island of Koh Kood, you just need to relax from all the excursions and running around, light up and relax before returning home. Have a good rest!