Family Mart " shops in Thailand

Family Mart

If you are coming to Pattaya on vacation and do not focus in local stores, then first of all you should visit "Family Mart" or "7-Eleven". Both work around the clock and are able to feed any person tasty and cheap.
Family Mart is a chain of mini-markets in Thailand. It is a subsidiary network of the company is "FamilyMart UNY Holdings", the parent holding company is in Japan, where, in fact, gave the distribution network around the world. Currently, this mini-market is the main competitor of "7-Eleven" in Thailand. Or rather trying to be in tourist resorts, and then not at all. And in the province of these mini-markets almost do not meet at all.  The number of stores "Family Mart" is many times less than "7-Eleven". But the range of products is almost the same for both competitors, the difference can only be in manufacturing firms. For example, for one sausage products delivers only one firm, and for another - another. In March Femeli meat products(sausages, sausage, etc.), submitted to the Thai company "Botargo". Special difference there is no, where buy renounce all little things, like milk, yoghurt, water, chips, nuts. It is these products prices are the same as in large supermarkets, but to buy rice, eggs, peas, fruits or vegetables better in supermarkets, will be cheaper (however, fruits and vegetables in the "Family Mart" no).
Shops within walking distance of" Family Mart " you will find in every, even the most remote corner of Thailand. "Family Mart" works around the clock.  Here you can buy any household stuff, food, pet and home goods, alcohol, cigarettes, sweets and household chemicals, stationery and more. Buying at these stores sausage, sausage, juices, breads (sweet, bread without sugar is usually sold only in large supermarkets or in private bakeries), biscuits, biscuits, crisps, nuts, canned goods, milk (regular and soy), yogurt, alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages, energy, water, soybean and palm oil (in tourist areas also butter and cheese), ketchup, sauces, salt, sugar, rice, eggs (raw or boiled), peas, ice cream, coffee (can be heated), ice cubes, chewing gum, chocolate bars and more. And in the Family Mart sell frozen ready meals, such as rice or noodles with chicken. Each store has a microwave, food can warm up and bring to the "condition" for you in a few minutes. Alcohol can be bought from 11:00 to 14:00 and from 17:00 to 24:00, the rest of the time in Thailand there is a ban on it. However, sometimes sellers and can sell it on the sly at the wrong time, but it happens not always and not everywhere. Also in Family Mart you can buy SIM cards of Thai operators and top up your phone balance. From non-food goods sell cigarettes, washing powder, soap, shampoo, detergents, razors, toothbrushes and pastes and other hygiene products, knives, tape, raincoats, diapers, condoms. In "Family Mart" are sold cosmetics and gift sets with cosmetics, which there is no in"7-Eleven."  Handmade soap, herb cushions for massage, cosmetics produced locally.
Near the shop, almost everywhere in the tourist areas, currency exchange and ATM. Stand at the entrance devices for payment of cellular, utility bills, the Internet, as well as you can throw money on "Web Money" or pay for a computer game. Next to electronic scales, which are so fond of the Thais. Makashnits (food trucks) are located close to the shops, passers-by gathering around their product.
Doors "Family Mart" are always open for you around the clock. Visit the network of these beautiful and convenient stores. Enjoy life in Thailand!