Among the highlights citrus pomelo. The benefits of this exotic fruit is not less than the more familiar oranges and grapefruits. And the taste will be pleased with.

Pomelo is the name of the evergreen tree and its fruit. Another option - sheddok, in honor of the English captain who brought the fruit to Europe. The plant gives fruit once or twice a year. Left to Mature for about 5 months. The tree, hung with large fruits, looks unusual and surprises tourists from Northern latitudes. Homeland of the plant is considered to be China. It was mentioned in the Chronicles, created before our era. Today it is also cultivated in Thailand, Japan, Vietnam and some other countries. The peculiarity of this fruit is the size. He is a true champion of citrus. Individual copies of can achieve 30 centimeters in diameter and weight 10 kg.the Average pomelo weighs 1-3 kg, that would still more grapefruit.

Pomelo fruit is used in raw or processed form. Pomelo is an integral part of many national Thai and Chinese dishes.

In China on Chinese New year these fruits give each other as a symbol of prosperity and well-being. The Chinese living in Thailand, they use pomelo to conduct religious celebrations, very often the pomelo bring as a gift to the spirits. In the North of Vietnam on the Vietnamese new year pomelo put on a festive altar.

Caloric content of 100 g of fruit pulp-25-39 kcal.

In the fruit contains:

    The 7.6-11.1% of dry matter
    Of 0.5-0.7 % protein
    0,1-0,3% fat
    0.4-0.8% of fiber
    0.4-0.7 % ash

Mineral composition:

    potassium up to 235 mg / 100 g
    calcium 26-27 mg / 100 g
    phosphorus 22-26 mg
    iron 0,3-0,5 mg
    sodium 1 mg
    ethacrinic acid 20-25 mg[specify]

Vitamin complex:

    vitamin C 30-53 mg / 100 g
    beta-carotene up to 30 mg / 100 g
    vitamin B1 0.04-0.07 mg / 100 g
    vitamin B2 0.02 mg / 100 g
    vitamin B5 0.2-0.3 mg / 100 g

By the way, this citrus is actively used for weight loss. After all, it contributes to the rapid splitting of fats and proteins. That is why, if you have excess weight, then you should definitely include in your daily diet pomelo. Another useful property of this wonderful fruit lies in the fact that it quickly leads to normal blood pressure. In this regard, doctors often recommend their patients to use this product. To buy a citrus suitable for you, you should first pay attention to its flavor. It should be pronounced and felt at a short distance. In addition, it is recommended to inspect the fruit from all sides and note the uniformity of its color. If you see the rind of the fruit is any spot, it is better not to take. Acquiring pomelo, it is very important to feel it. You should note uniform thickness of the rind around the fruit, without any seals. If they are still available, this suggests that citrus has been grown in the wrong conditions. This fruit should not be bought, as it will be fresh, dry, tasteless and with a large number of bones.

To clean the brush should be exactly the same as an orange or a grapefruit. But due to the fact that this product has a thick skin, this process is much more complicated. Thus, to quickly release the citrus from its sheath, you should make several longitudinal incisions depth of 1 inch. Next, you need to put your finger on the peel at the base and literally pull it apart. As a result of such actions, you should get a fruit completely covered with film. It must be carefully separated from the pulp and proceed to eat tasty and healthy product.

Fruit with dry pulp and a small bitterness is most often consumed fresh. However, some Housewives used this product and while cooking dishes. For this purpose it is completely clear from the thick rind and tough films, and then cut into small pieces and add to braised or roasted meat for a few minutes before turning off the stove. It should also be noted that pomelo is often used for the preparation of various salads. For example, a fairly popular dish of citrus pulp, boiled shrimps and celery greens, seasoned with fatty sour cream and flavored with spices. In addition, this fruit can be included in the dessert made of kiwi, banana, apples and pears. To fill this delicacy is recommended or melted creamy ice cream (with sundae), or a sweet and delicious yogurt.

As you can see, there are many recipes where the fruit of pomelo is used. Take advantage of them - and your guests will never forget your holiday table!