New year in Thailand

New year in Thailand

The Thais are great lovers of the New year, because in their country they celebrate it three times already. First - they celebrate with the world is traditionally the first of January. Second - Chinese, which falls on the first new moon after the winter solstice, usually from 21 January to 21 February, so the date is constantly changing. The third is their own national holiday, Songkran, which is celebrated in the spring.
Like many Slavic peoples, the Thai people first of January of bestow each various other trinkets and Souvenirs. New year celebrations are accompanied by folk festivals and entertainment show program. Nightlife options provide to their customers new year show and submission. The local population as well as all over the world consider this a family holiday and cozy, so the whole family assembled for dinner, and then go to Church. The majority of local residents relates to the December the New year quietly - for many, this ordinary day, just like everyone else. But in the resort cities of Pattaya and Bangkok Christian holiday is celebrated in a big way. It is in this period a large city filled with tourists and local youth who have come to love the European New year, as a native holiday. The holiday atmosphere in the city you can feel already the 31st of December, when tourists from Europe fill the streets, beaches and shopping malls of the cities. Everywhere heard Russian, German, English and French speech.
New year on the night of 1 January in Thailand began to celebrate recently - since 1940. Along with the date was taken over and tradition: the Thais are happy to decorate the Christmas tree and other trees toys, beautify the city and houses with lights and different lights everywhere, opened Christmas bazaars and fairs, preparing all the gifts for family and friends, and the hostess thought out the festive menu. In the new year it is customary to have dinner with the family, and after midnight to go to bars and discos. Night for locals and tourists satisfied with a variety of parties, entertainment shows and be sure to salute. After the Christmas dinner at the Thais decided to collect different cloth and throw it in a vacant lot: small coins, pieces, tangerine peel and so on - all thrown away and remains in the old year, leaving room for the new. On the first day of the new year, the Thais go to the temple and to visit friends and relatives with gifts and treats, especially good omen is to give the oranges and talismans.
The most popular way of celebrating the New year in Thailand is a holiday in the Islands. For lazy tourists there is entertainment almost every hotel in all the popular resorts. Well party people, the road in Bangkok or Pattaya. The most popular place on new year's day - the Andaman coast (Phuket, Krabi, Phi Phi, Khao Lak, etc.). There a wide range of hotels in different price ranges, excellent diving and hot weather without rain. To spice up the "bed" relaxing on the beach, you can visit the butterfly farm and crocodiles and take a boat ride to nearby Islands. Samui stuffy, like a sauna, but not so crowded and very beautiful. For those who love dry hot weather, it is better to go North to Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, there is just spring begins. In Bangkok on new year's night on the street Khoasan road is going to the city, the crowd is international, the variety of booze and a lot of fun. A minute before midnight on the big screen will show a countdown, and at midnight - luxurious fireworks. Another club capital of the country - Pattaya. Hundreds of bars, discos and strip clubs will work until dawn.
If you want to celebrate the New year in this "smiling" country (winter in Thailand), sitting at a table in a restaurant or other facility to book seats in advance as new year's eve all "lush" institutions may be simply busy. Want noisy and fun to celebrate the New year? Go on Walking Street in Pattaya or Bangla Road in Phuket - 31 December gather here crowds of tourists, and beautiful girl in colorful costume will kindly welcome you with smile in any place.
Closer to midnight, where ever you are - at the beach or in the city centre, look to the skies. The Thais do a symbolic show of sky lanterns. And after the traditional midnight lanterns give way to a volley of fireworks are really colorful and memorable.