Tarutao Island

Tarutao Island

Marine national Park Tarutao in Satun province in Thailand, founded in 1974. He absorbed the territory is 1490 sq.km. in the southern part of Thailand near the coast of Satun province in the Andaman sea.
The Park covers 51 island, which are divided into two groups: the Eastern group of Islands of Tarutao and the Western group of the Adang-Ravi. The Park brings together three of the archipelago, Tarutao, Adang and Klang. The name of the national Park comes from the name of the main island of Pulau Tarutao (which means "old island"). Tarutao island is the largest and highest island of the homonymous national Park, with dimensions exceeding 25 x 10 km, and the height of the mountains about 700 meters. The island is mountainous, with several peaks rising above 500 m and the highest point is 713 meters. Inside the wild, impenetrable jungle. The vegetation is very lush and diverse. Here there are very tall trees, the highest in the world - those that grow in the Equatorial belt of Malaysia, Indonesia and the Amazon in South America. Here lives many species of tropical birds. High in the trees live in a large number of the vast family of languru - smart, small, cute and non-aggressive monkeys. It is interesting to observe them from below. Also have many normal monkeys. Earlier in the rivers of the island was inhabited by crocodiles. Today Tarutao national Park attracts tourists because of its remoteness from the main tourist areas of Thailand. Here you can still feel the savagery and beauty of the white beaches. The underwater world is diverse and teeming with rare sea depths. In this context, tourists are eager to get to the national Park for diving and snorkeling. Visit the national Park for tourists paid 400 baht for adults and 200 baht for children.
Tarutao island doesn't attract crowds of tourists, but boasts a truly wild nature. On a fairly large area (151 sq.km.) You will see high waterfalls, which attracts its unexplored deep caves, jungles, sometimes almost not passable, exotic plants whose beauty is striking. We should also mention the various types of animals living in the area: sea turtles, monitor lizards, whales, monkeys, exotic birds, and the scale of the underwater world is difficult to imagine, while snorkeling is not the best place, because the water is quite muddy. Relax on Tarutao will be comfortable only real hunters "untouched lands". If You are an avid traveler, it is better to choose another place to stay. To get without the hassle happens only in high season (15 November through 15 may) during the low season boats from the mainland come here very rarely. However, if you are not afraid of inconveniences and lack of night life, a couple of days spent on the island of Tarutao, may be able to give you pleasure. Nature on the island of Tarutao is gorgeous, the beaches are deserted, towns and villages on the island there, but there are several high-quality roads, and to travel around the island on foot, and along the coast by boat. In addition, the island has waterfalls, caves and viewpoint, a height which offers impressive views of the beaches, hills, mountains, and Islands located away. So the question is, what to do on the island of Tarutao, no one of the guests to the tourists will not arise.
All the most beautiful beaches are on the West and South of the island. On the South West coast there is a series of small bays, long and 100-200 meters, but it is unknown - whether to them any passable trails, and where? It is seen that above them hangs the mountain range. And further North - two defining the huge beach of Ko Tarutao. The Central and largest is called AO San. Its length is about 4 kilometers and width of 70 meters. Seventy meters of pure white sand, although sometimes it seems that everything two hundred meters. It's some kind of unearthly place. It is so huge that it can be lost. It is not many kilometers of urbanized beaches in Brazil, Bangladesh, Australia, New Zealand, USA, India, Vietnam - from the Guinness book of records. It's four kilometers of pure white sand surrounded by mountains covered with tropical jungle, where nobody else except you! Well, maybe a couple of people seen on the horizon. Although, if you're here in the evening - that no one will, because the nearest campground to go another three kilometers. And the island is home to not more than a couple of hundred people, and visiting yachts are prohibited by the Park administration. Where else can you find? This beach, like you, consumes you, its size and abandonment in space and time near the equator, on the edge of the world. At the end of the beach, in the South, from the depths of the island flows a pure river, which has very beautiful views across the rift valley and into the Central part of the island. On the banks of the river roam the pack of macaques. This beach is still large nesting sea turtles, whose age is two hundred years.
On the island of Tarutao, just like in the National Park in General, one can relax all year round. But has high and low season. High season (dry season) runs from November to may. At this time, operate more flights ferries and speed boats between the Islands, are all hotels. Low season (rainy season) falls in the June-October. While the worst of the month - October. In General, at this time, too bad you can relax on the Islands, but many ferry routes are suspended, there are only flights to the island of Ko Lipe. Many hotels are closed for renovations or vacation. Have a good holiday ladies and gentlemen!!!