The Island of Ko Yao Yai

The Island of Ko Yao Yai

The island of Yao Yai is located in the Andaman sea, 40 km Southeast from Phuket, 42 km from the province of Phang nga and 850 km from Bangkok. The total area of all Islands, which is 44, is 141 square kilometres, population 14 000 people.
The island of Yao Yai, the largest of the "neighbors" to Phuket, but not nearly as popular among tourists as, for example, Phi Phi don or James bond island. Yao is a whole archipelago of several dozen Islands and islets scattered at an equal distance from Phuket and another popular tourist province of Krabi, of which are suitable for recreation are just two: Yao Yai (meaning "big Yao") and Yao Noi ("small nuclear weapons", respectively). Of course, nobody will forbid you to rent a boat or a boat to one of the small islets of the archipelago, but there can only sunbathe and swim, no restaurants, no hotels, no roads. This place is perfect for those who want only the sea, sun, beach and nothing more. Because there's nothing and no Nightclubs, no bars with girls, no shopping malls, no entertainment (except water). Such people can stay for the duration of the leave, the benefit there is the necessary infrastructure – hotels, restaurants, shops, ATMs, hospital, pharmacy, diving centres, rental bikes, massage parlors on the shore. The main entertainment on Yao Yai - the lack of entertainment. Don't expect you're here to dance the night away, and a scream, riding with the wind on the banana. Locals zataskivaya catch on Board their long tail boats - the most exciting spectacle on the island. These Islands, which seems simple, if you look closely, will be luxurious Islands with emerald bays, white sand beaches and untouched nature.
The story of Yao Noi and Yao Yai counts not one century. Written sources indicate that they were part of Altaiskogo Kingdom, which dates back to the 14th century. The first settlers were refugees from the provinces of Trang and Satun, where there was an ongoing war. Most of them were Muslims, whose descendants still live here. In 1903 the Islands were given the status of sub-areas, and in 1988, the status of the area. Currently, local inhabitants engaged in the cultivation of Hevea trees, which produce rubber.
A trip to Yao Yai is often called a journey back to Phuket: they say that looked like a favorite of many, the resort 50 years ago: thick jungle, poor roads, lack of foreigners and measured rural life. This island is inhabited by Thais, most of whom are Muslim (so here is officially forbidden to drink alcohol and smoke, although many ignore this rule). Local residents, as half a century ago, mainly engaged in traditional activities of fishing, animal husbandry, agriculture and the manufacture of rubber. But do not think that, having decided to go to Yao Yai brings you to the wild edge: many Thais here speak English, the island has no problems with cellular communications, and wifi in many hotels. However, the road here is really mediocre: potholes and "speed bumps" there are literally every 20 meters so enjoy riding through the deserted streets is unlikely to succeed. Compared to Phuket turned into a congested resort for mass tourism with bustling night life, environmental problems, and numerous souvenir shops, island of Yao Yai is still a safe haven. However, he is 3 times smaller than its famous neighbor, the island's population of 8 000 people, Phuket is the same – more than 60 000 people.
To get to Yao Yai from Phuket by speedboat or ferry, which is convenient for those who like to travel by private car. Ferry departs daily from Loh Jark pier in the direction of the pier "Jian Warnet" near the port "Ratsada". However, a day there are only two ferries. The boat to Yao Yai leave from the port "Ao Po Grand Marina". As a rule, the transfer organised by the hotel in which you booked the room. Comfortable boat designed for 20 passengers: you can choose your seat in the covered back of the boat, or to swim under the open sky, enjoying the beautiful views.
This hilly island has just immersed in greenery: the picturesque meadows of grazing buffaloes, cows and goats, next to rice fields and plantations of rubber trees. Live in the villages welcoming and friendly Thais who are not so spoiled by the attention of foreigners, both residents of Phuket, so be sure to help you in any difficult situation, whether it is problems with the bike or search the desired point on the map.
The island is perfect for those who want to relax away from the dust and smog of the big cities and get in touch with nature. Here you will find your Paradise! They will take you into the past of Thailand, where you can see daily life of local people, which hardly changed over the last century. They are also involved in fishing and collecting rubber and coconuts.