Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan is an island in the Gulf of Thailand and belongs to Thailand. The island features beautiful white sand beaches. On the island there are several small waterfalls.
An area of 125 sq.km. the Highest point of the island is Khao RA mountain (630 m). More than 70 % of the area is mountains and tropical forest, the remaining 30% beaches and coconut fields. Distance to the mainland is about 55 km away. Nearby Islands: Distance - Koh Samui (15km), Tau (35 km). The main town of Thongsala.
Climate: Jan. 24-29 °C, 144,5 mm of precipitation. February. 25-30 °C, 33 mm of rain. March. 26-31 °C, 50 mm of rain. April. 26-32 °C, 86 mm of precipitation. May. 26-32 °C, and 157 mm of rain. June. 26-32 °C, 93 mm of precipitation. July. 25-32 °C, 131 mm of rain. August. 25-32 °C, 102 mm of rain. September. 25-31 °C, 113 mm of rain. October. 25-31 °C, and 266 mm of precipitation. November. 24-29 °C 526 mm of precipitation. Dec. 24-29 °C, 203 mm of precipitation.
With the mainland and nearby Islands the island is connected with ferries port is situated in the heart of Thongsala. Thongsala is the Central port of the island. There is also a port in Haad Rin, you can sail to the neighboring island of Koh Samui. The island can be reached in several ways. First, the fastest but most expensive is by plane "Bangkok Air" to the island of Koh Samui, 15 minutes by bus and half hour by speedboat (tickets can be purchased at the airport). The second option is by plane "AirAsia" or "Nokair" to the town of Surat Thani. From him on the bus and then the ferry (the ticket can also be purchased at the airport). You can't use a ferry, and "night boat" - a large boat, sailing all night. The third option is by bus from downtown Bangkok and the boat "Lomprayah". The main transport used on the island - motorbikes and scooters are easy to rent. Most of the roads have concrete pavement and two lanes, but some of them are in poor condition - roads pass through the mountains and often have a strong bias and a sandy coating damaged by the rains. In this regard, the most common injury among tourists are injuries sustained from falling off motorcycles. Taxi "Sagwa", the local "tuk-Tuk" for the most part different from those used in the capital of Thailand, Bangkok, and represent the pickups is equipped with a roof and benches. But on the island they are not widespread and mainly serve events on the island. Hotels provide transportation services for tourists, but is often used for this purpose are not equipped with pickups. On the beaches of the island can be reached only on foot or by boat, mostly boats depart from the beach of "Haad Rin" and the fishing village of Chaloklum. The main attractions of the island are, of course, temples.
On the island every month are beach party called Full Moon Party (Full moon Party), which gather thousands of people from around the world. Parties are held on the beach of "Haad Rin" for 2-3 days. That is why Koh Phangan is called the "Asian Ibiza". It is believed that in this place the full moon looks especially beautiful. During the "Full Moon Party" and other numerous events, mostly play directions techno, deep, trance, house, progressive, electro. On the island there are several diving and kite schools.
The island is mentioned in the movie "the Beach" with Leonardo DiCaprio as "To Pagan", the film mentioned the Central town of the island of Thong Sala. Based on the plot of the film, and used the drawn cards, the film is set in the Islands of the marine national Park "Ang Thong", contrary to the popular view that the film takes place on the Islands of Phi Phi, near Phuket.
In recent times the influx of tourists and wintering on Phangan has greatly increased, and during high season there can be difficulties with housing as with rental homes, long-term, and hotels. Of course, the island always build something new, every time I come to Koh Phangan, found new houses or hotels. However, if you are planning your stay here in the period from December to March, and especially during the holidays, finding accommodation it is better to do beforehand. The second highest period on Phangan is August-September, but this time on the island rests the bulk of tourists from Europe.
So what attracts us to Koh Phangan island? First, its natural beauty and still preserved in many places primeval! This is a very green island, the air here is pristine, no industrial plants, roads loaded with trucks and endless motorbike. Second, it is not so wild. On Koh Phangan quite a lot of deserted beaches. However, there are many places well-equipped with umbrellas and sunbeds. There are hotels of good standard. Eastern beaches (Noi and Yai) are considered the, beach on Phangan! On the southern beach (Thong Nai pan Yai) there are a couple of expensive hotels, but fully budget, there are very cheap and simple backpacker. This beach is more wide and long, here is a great white sand – very dense, perfect for Jogging and walks. Here you can enjoy water sports on the beach rent kayaks, sailboat, dimscale, and also hire water scooters. Most popular longtaitou and less tourists is the beach of Chaloklum. Koh Phangan is a place where everyone can find a Paradise, and the idyllic! The waves on this beach – a fairly frequent visitors, with the exception of the gorgeous place called Malibu beach, where I will not refuse to spend a couple of days for any tourist! On Phangan many peaceful, semi-wild beaches, with rare often polupustyne hotels. On Koh Phangan there is a small mountain "Khao RA" with a peak at 630 m, on which alone the ascent through the jungle is invigorating, not to mention the enthusiastic emotion that causes the view from the top!
Phangan is a great place for families with children or a romantic getaway. Most of the island is perfect for lovers of active rest (diving, Snorkling, discos) as well as for those who love and know how to enjoy nature. The Thais have created all conditions for this. Enjoy!