Koh Kood Island

Koh Kood Island

Koh Kood island in the Gulf of Thailand near Cambodia, administratively belongs to the province of Trat. However, located to the North of the island of Mac and some uninhabited Islands, the least populous in the country. The population is approximately 2,000 people in six villages, an area of 131 square kilometers the Island is part of marine national Park Mu Koh Chang.
 Koh Kood is part of the archipelago of Koh Chang (Ko Chang), is a popular tourist destination. Koh Kood is not the smallest island in Thailand (the fourth largest island in Thailand, 22 to 8 kilometers). Almost the entire island is covered by jungle, the terrain is slightly hilly with the highest point 315 meters. Koh Kood is still considered one of the most beautiful Islands of Thailand. "Yet", because in recent years the island is very rapidly developed and built up gradually change from undeveloped pristine island into a tourist centre. So if you want to get to Paradise island, where beautiful uncrowded clean beaches, vast amounts of vegetation, abundant wildlife and few tourists, you should hurry while the island is not built up with hotels, and the coastline is not littered with restaurants and cafes.
Due to the remoteness of vacation on the island of Koh Kood costs about 1.5 times more expensive than other Thai resorts. Prices for accommodation, meals and car rentals, as a rule, higher than in other places. And the food in the island shops are more expensive than on the mainland. On Koh Kood come fans leisurely beach time and swimming in warm sea water. On the island there are discos and night clubs, so come here for some peace, contemplation of beautiful sunsets and secluded camping. Koh Kood is a great place to relax, getaway from the crazy life in the metropolis and recuperate. Here well feel newlyweds, couples with children and tourists in the age, which are important for the convenience, lack of noise and the possibility of spending a lot of time outdoors enjoying the colors of the jungle, sea surf, and fresh breezes.
Note that the airport on the island there. So you can get there by sea: by ferry or speedboat from the pier to the city of Trat and the neighbouring Islands of Koh Chang. From Bangkok: by Plane from Bangkok airport Trat (Trat Airport) is located 30 kilometers from the pier LEM Ngob (Laem Ngob Pier) and Dan Kao (Dan Khao Pier), about 60 kilometers from the pier at Laem Sork (Laem Sork Pier). The airline company Bangkok Airways daily flight 3, 55 min journey. Indicative ticket price 2550 baht. The bus to the bus station in Trat. Journey time 5 hours. Bus routes leave from the Eastern bus station "Ekamai Bus Terminal" every hour from 6:00 to 24:00. From North terminal "New's morchit" 08:30, 09:30, 12:30, 15:30, 17:30, 23:00. The average ticket price 250-300 baht. If finances allow, you can take a taxi, the approximate cost of 4000 baht. From Pattaya: to get to the pier in Trat province in a minivan out of here to go to the island of Koh Kood. Estimated cost 500 baht. Or to use the services of travel companies. Note that the ferries to Koh Kood depart in the morning. At the pier you need to arrive before 10:00 am.
With the neighbouring Islands of Koh Chang ferries depart to the island of Koh Kood pier Bang Bao speedboat from Kai BAE beach and pier in Bang Bao. Good boats that carry passengers along the beaches, after specifying a landing on the island of Koh Kood. Getting off the ferry pier at Ao Yai or Ao Salad, you can see only random local tuk-tuk. The beaches will have to get yourself. On Koh Kood there is neither public nor commercial vehicles. Local residents transport services also do not have. The main means of transportation around the island is a traditional Thailand motorbikes. Take vehicle for hire in any hotel. Specialized rental services there. Also offered bicycles and cars, but the mountainous terrain will complicate their use, it is better to use a bike. On Koh Kood there are roads, but not many.
Hotels, mostly located along the coastline, right on the beach, introducing a housing type Bungalow. Their photos are on most tourist brochures of Thailand. It can be as traditional houses on stilts, thatched buildings and wooden bungalows with a thatched roof. Night on the beach in a Bungalow with air conditioning from 400-700 baht. Tourists on the island Koh Kood is much less than on other resorts of Thailand. But the hotels in high season is to book in advance to have a choice. Also note that in low season some hotels are closed. As their use becomes rational.
On Koh Kood tropical humidity. The temperature of the sea water depends on the seasons and all year round is +27... +29 degrees. The rainy season falls on the period from late may to October. The temperature during this period of +30 degrees. The ideal time to visit the island, November to March. The air temperature + 28...+30. From April to may, the air warms up to +34...+36 degrees.
On the West coast of the island lies the wide beaches and the Eastern coast of the characteristic rocky Bay. Many of them are not habitable. The Klong Chao beach with a length of 600 m. the Size of the beach give the opportunity to organize competitions in football and volleyball. The beach has the most developed infrastructure. Some portions of the night highlights. Here are located luxury hotels and accommodation in guest houses. Bang Bao is another popular beach on the West of the island, surrounded by hills. There is always a calm sea and white sand look very picturesque boulders. Taphao Beach - the largest beach of the island. Give him exotic palm trees, which grow directly on the white sand. In their shadows you can hide from the heat. Island beach is near the port and is ideal for swimming and snorkeling. Taphao Beach - the largest beach of the island. Klong Yai Kee, located North of Tapho. And just a few metres from the sea, is the namesake waterfall. Among the other beaches it should be noted AO chak, AO Klong TA tin, and Yai Kee, Ah Noi, Longquan, that The U. each of them has its own hotels and resorts.
The main attractions of the island of Koh Kood, this coral reefs, many beaches, national Park Nam Tok area of 500 sq m, fishing villages and beautiful waterfalls. Waterfall Khlonq Chao and Khlonq Yaiki waterfall is worth a visit, even just looking at the photos, breathtaking. AO Klong Chao is the jungle, this is the largest waterfall of the island. Thais associate it with the name of king Rama VI, who stayed here during his travels. Waterfall, Klong Yai Kee, located next to the beach. At its foot there is also a freshwater swimming pool. You can reach it on foot or by kayak.
In the village of AO salad you will be offered a mini tour to the big Buddha statue. Is it worth to visit coconut and rubber plantations. Attracts attention and a village on stilts AO Yai. Most of it is in the water. This is a Thai fishing village where you can observe the life of fishermen. Many local people can offer lodging in his cabin - for just 300 baht. For lovers of ancient Buddhist temples, you can go to a Buddhist temple Klong Mat. Principal entertainment on the island: snorkeling, kayaking, fishing, diving, beach rest. Lovers of outdoor activities: jet skis, jet boating and more. On the island there are many small retail shops that present a large assortment of Souvenirs. The markets sold a variety of exotic fruits, fresh fish and other sea food, a huge selection of spices and seasonings, and a variety of dried fruits. Today the cultural programme of the island is not extensive. He is just starting to turn into a tourist center.