Thai bananas

Thai bananas

Thailand is the banana Paradise! Banana - Thai "Kluay". Banana is a perennial herbaceous plant.
The birthplace of the banana I think South-East Asia. Hence, they came to Africa, South and Central America, where its numerous varieties are bred from time immemorial. Bananas ripen of 3 times a year. The biggest advantage of banana over other fruits is that to collect it, and therefore to use it year-round. Bananas are grown in Thailand is different - depending on the purpose of the further use. In Thailand more than 20 different types of bananas. A variety of varieties of bananas in Asia defies any classification and calculation. Looks like they just crossed and self-pollinated, and the resulting crop is sold in the markets regardless of the outcome.
Banana - a very undemanding plant and grows by itself like a weed, so Thai each "household", somewhere on the margins there are usually five of these annual plants, flowering and bearing fruit in turn all round the year. As we know from school textbooks of botany, banana is an herb. Large grassy, tropical. The farm is a banana "tree" is used in its entirety. Green or ripe fruit eaten raw or cooked; banana flowers make salads; green leaves wrapped food; soft core barrel to feed the pigs, and of the more tough outer "bark" is used to weave ropes.
What kind of bananas encountered in the Thai market:
Long sweet bananas (Kluay Hom Tong) is very similar to bananas imported to Europe from Ecuador and other banana republics. They are eaten raw and served consisting of pancakes, smoothies and fruit desserts. They have a light banana flavor and watery consistency, great for the neck, and great thirst quencher. They need to be stored in limbo, not recumbent, as they are very delicate and even a slight touch can turn them to mush, and to hold them in the package with all the other fruit in the form not rumpled at all possible!
A small semicircular bananas (yellow on inside) (Kluay Khai). This variety is called Banana Egg (egg bananas). These bananas are really semicircular in appearance from all sides are smooth. Very small average thickness. The pulp they have the most yellow among all types of bananas. And they are insanely sweet! Direct med. The texture is dense, very satisfying. The Thais are these dried bananas, because they are very sweet. Happens with overripe bananas, it's hard to clean the skin because it sticks to the fruit, think thin skin would burst under the pressure of the fetus!
"Kluay Leb Meu Nang" - small bananas, thin lady fingers, their way was called. The flesh of banana crisp, but tender, light, and contains such small bones, that they seem not ripe. The smell of bananas specific, but try them worth. A small semicircular bananas (white inside). These bananas looks a bit like the previous one, but they are slightly more elongated and white inside, not yellow. And different taste. The consistency is too dense. Not very juicy.
Thick "plush" bananas (Kluay Nam Wa) the most delicious variety of bananas. Thick, covered with hairy "plush" skin (whereas other varieties the skin is always smooth), with the bones, but there are no. Very common in Thailand. This variety of banana is most delicious when the seed coat becomes slightly dark areas, or when the bananas become soft to the touch. Hardish still unripe, they will be less sweet, and also not to take the hairy bananas slightly green areas, so still need to lie to Mature. Better to take them in the ripeness, with darkening on the skin.
Green bananas (Kluay Hug Mook). Vegetable banana with gray-green or dirty-yellow skin. Under the skin is sour and Malovata, absolutely non-starchy pulp. Even inside these bananas meet regularly seeds. In green the bananas are grilled or deep-fried and sold on the streets in a greasy paper bag, and ripe - just eat.
Why not just make banana Thai craftsmen. Fried pancakes with banana, baked banana muffins..... From banana pulp make the candy. Not all bananas are edible - some are grown as ornamental trees, of fibers other made of rope and disposable tea bags. If you want a cheap tasty snack in Thailand, order yourself a banana snack. You will be served fried banana or deep-fried. What a beautiful shake, banana.
The banana tree is utilized in the Thai economy as a whole. That fleshy flowers remaining at the end of the banana bunches also are eaten. The whole banana bunch develops from a single inflorescence. It under strict pink petals are solitary yellow blossoms, each of which then turns an individual banana. Banana flower is still hanging on the end of the banana bunches with green bananas, so it's cut down and used as food without compromising future crops. Eat banana flowers in Thailand as raw and cooked forms. For salads, use only the bright inner petals, and charcoal banana flower is cooked whole and then cleaned from external purple "peel".
Bananas are very healthy and tasty. Excellent for diarrhea! But if your child has a sudden outbreak of cough, take a ripe banana, mash with a fork and cover with boiling water. And feed him this "hot mess" - the cough will subside. Due to the high content of minerals - magnesium, potassium and calcium in bananas can lower blood pressure. But the caloric content of banana is comparable to the caloric content of potatoes so that they do not like people watching their weight. Friends, have a great tasting bananas in Thailand!