Thai herbs and spices

Thai herbs and spices

Thai herbs and spices - an important component of the diet in Thailand. Gastronomic delights of Thailand is a skilful combination of sour, sweet and spicy.
If you were at a dinner party in Thailand, you should know that you'll serve soup and a dish with fish and vegetables, seasoned with local spices with curry. If the soup will be spicy, the next dish is sure to be with a minimum amount of spices. This alternation is done on purpose. The perfect Thai dish is a combination of sour, sweet, spicy, tangy flavors. The main helpers and friends in this combination of flavors is Thai spice. Unique Thai cuisine is varied, interesting and tasty. Many dishes are characterized by specific taste, which the Thais achieve with vegetables, copious amounts of fragrant spices during the period of cooking. Every Goodies are rich in useful vitamins and various minerals. The beauty of Thai cuisine is that meals are served immediately after cooking. As is characteristic of most countries of the East, in the kitchen of the Kingdom of Thailand, the traditional combination of spicy and sweet-sour, so sugar and the juice of sour fruits are often found in the recipes of Thai dishes. The leaves of the Kaffir, lemon grass, ginger and all sorts of varieties, garlic, chili pepper, cilantro, coconut milk, Basil, lime juice are just a few of the huge number of spices that are in every Thai house.
Special spices and a variety of sauces are the basis of Thai cuisine. Just imagine what the popular "Tom Yam" was not so burning sharp and in your favorite "Pad Taye" lacked the usual sweet and sour notes. Thai cuisine was formed under the influence of many national traditions, don't forget that in the Kingdom there are more than 40 ethnic groups, each of which has contributed to the gastronomic culture of the country.
Galangal - Asian ginger, which is present in almost all dishes of India, China, Thailand, Japan, Laos, Cambodia. This seasoning contains the flavor of ginger and citrus. In Thai cooking galangal is very popular combined with Thai fish sauce and without this seasoning, it is impossible the cooking of spicy soups and marinades in Tae.
Lemongrass - grass with very fine leaves, length of meter. Lemongrass often simply called lemon grass. In Thailand, this herb has gained the most popularity in contrast to other Asian countries. The Thais are brewed from tea leaves, stems are added to curries, soups, and other dishes. Lemongrass is used for cooking delicious Thai food "Tom Kha" (coconut soup). Be sure to try this dish.
Kaffir lime. Similar to lime with one elongated end, but the shell is very cold, the smell is more strong with pine notes and the taste is terribly sour. The leaves of the plant - an indispensable spice for cooking famous Thai soup "Tom Yam", and the peel of the fruit added to some sauces curry. Juice is not normally used in the food - too acidic.
The chili pepper. The fruits are used in almost all dishes and sauces are fresh, dried or powdered form. In the stores large selection of ketchups, sauces and pastas of chili. In Thailand, there are many varieties of 1 to 10 centimeters in size, from slightly spicy to fiery spicy. The presence of such a quantity of pepper in dishes due to its antiseptic properties. Black pepper. Added raw bunches in pepper sauce, but is more often used ground. White pepper. Jars with ground white pepper are usually on the tables in cafes and restaurants. White pepper is not very spicy but very flavorful. They can season to taste the finished dish.
Ginger. The roots of ginger are used for the curry sauces in powdered form, fresh shavings used as a seasoning for soup "Khao Tom" or meat (fish) sauces. Turmeric or turmeric. The roots of the orange family of ginger. Turmeric powder is widely used in Asian cuisine. Turmeric is a main ingredient in curry sauce.
Bow. Onions and shallots is widely used in cooking of meat and fish dishes, soups and salads. Interestingly, the onion is usually cut into large half-rings or cubes of size 1 cm, depending on the dish. As decoration and condiment is also used leeks. Thai specialty - fried potato chips to the strips of shallot served with fresh oysters. Garlic. The king of spices, as it was called Pythagoras. Without it there is no dish in Thailand. It is fried and eaten raw. Some of the dishes fall on top of fried potato chips to strips of garlic, for example rice soup "Khao Tom". The most delicious sauce for grilled seafood - garlic, chilli, lime juice and fish sauce, ground to a pulp.
Coriander (cilantro). Cilantro is usually made soups and salads, for example, spicy Thai salad "Ternitz PLA." Coriander seeds are usually added to curry powder. The roots of the cilantro gives the chicken broth a unique flavor. Acacia (kratin). Young shoots of acacia in Thailand is served with fresh oysters. They leave a sweet astringent aftertaste. Celery. Celery greens added to salads. It gives zest to seafood salad "yum Woon sen Talay". If you're afraid on the market to mix the celery with the cilantro, please note that the celery roots as a tuft of hair, and cilantro one main root, which can "branch out" a little.
Thai Basil (horapa). Thai Basil (sweet Basil. Stalk him purple and the leaves green. Fresh sprigs serve with green papaya salad "Som Tam". And also added to many meat and fish dishes to add flavor, for example, mussels with chili paste or chicken in soy sauce. From Basil seeds you can make a very exotic dessert or drink that improves digestion and helps to lose weight. Lemon Basil. Lemon Basil has a pleasant citrus aroma and are mainly used in the cuisine of the North-East of Thailand, for example, pumpkin soup with coconut milk. Holy Basil. Known since ancient times in Indian Ayurveda for its medicinal properties under imenei Tulsi. From his green make one of the most famous Thai meat dishes "Pad, Krapao" (this is Thai name for Holy Basil), mandatory the ingredients of which Thai Basil, garlic, onion, chili and minced meat.
Lime. Perfectly quenches thirst in a tropical climate the water with lime juice with sugar syrup. But lime is not just fruit is a key ingredient in Thai cuisine, which serves to impart a sour taste to many dishes, sauces, soups, salads and other things. Lime juice goes well with fish, to be sure, try the steamed fish in chili-lime sauce. Peppermint. Mint leaves adds a unique bitter taste and aroma of both meat and fish salads. Mint is a necessary ingredient in the salad "Ternitz", known in the North-East of Thailand, or salad with lemongrass and shrimp "Yam Takai". Tamarind. In contrast to the sweet tamarind which is used in food as a fruit, sour tamarind, is the basis of many sauces. His unusual sour with the smell of smoked prunes made fried noodles "Pad Thai" dish number one in Thai cuisine for foreigners.
Thai spices and other necessary ingredients, harmoniously combined, are the basis of Thai cuisine.Such a variety of herbs, flavors and aromas you just can not leave indifferent. Come to Thailand, try Thai food!