Jackfruit (breadfruit)

Jackfruit (breadfruit)

Jackfruit is an evergreen tree reaching a height of 20 m. the Leaves are dark green leathery oval, length about 22 cm, thick foliage. The tree is monoecious. The flowers are pollinated by wind and insects. In the culture of jackfruit often pollinate by hand. The fruits Mature in 3-8 months. Jackfruit has a second name - the "bread tree". The fruit is quite popular due to its pleasant taste. Its taste is compared with banana, mango or pineapple. But the thick skin it has a very unpleasant fragrance reminiscent of rotting onions.
The fruit of jackfruit is the largest edible fruit that grows on trees. Their length 20-110 cm and diameter 20 cm, they weigh up to 35 kg. Their thick skin is covered with numerous cone-shaped projections. Young fruits green, when ripe is green-yellow or brown-yellow when tapped emits a hollow sound (immature fruit - a hollow sound). Inside each fruit is divided into big shares which contain the sweet yellow pulp consisting of juicy slippery fibers. The flesh is sugary-sweet, tastes like melons, but much sweeter than her. Each lobe is oblong, light brown seed with a length of 2-6 cm In one fruit can be to 500 seeds. All parts of the plant, including the peel, contain a sticky latex, so to cut the fruit recommended, brushing hands with oil or wearing rubber gloves. Overripe fruit becomes brown and spoil quickly, but in the refrigerator it can be stored from one to two months. The jackfruit taste like a normal potato, so it is the main food of people living in many tropical regions. Breadfruit is very fruitful, it has from 200 to 500 fruits. Unripe fruits are used as vegetable and ripe as fruit, as when fully ripe jackfruit is sweet.
Breadfruit is very rich in carbohydrates, composed of 80% starch, 14% sugar and 1% fat. Starch (carbohydrates) in the jackfruit more than the bread. The product is cheap and accessible, so in her homeland had become the most common food. The pulp of jackfruit provides potassium, calcium, iron, zinc, copper and magnesium, besides vitamins C, E, B6, thiamine, Riboflavin, choline and folic acid. The seeds of breadfruit, resembling in taste and structure, the chestnuts are edible too and are a great source of nutrients. Jackfruit wood is not damaged by termites and fungi and is used for buildings and furniture, musical instruments.
In a careful study of breadfruit revealed that it is not only a great source of carbohydrates. Jackfruit contains a lot of dietary fiber necessary for human digestive tract to work properly. Vitamins and minerals in the fruit benefit the well-being and health in General. Due to the high content of dietary fiber, breadfruit help to reduce the level of triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood. Therefore, regular inclusion of eating jackfruit helps prevent many cardiovascular diseases. Another useful property of fiber - slowing absorption of sugar from food to be absorbed. In addition to cellulose, the pulp of breadfruit contains substances that increase insulin production by the pancreas. For people having excess body mass, the choice of jackfruit as a Supplement to the diet will be very successful. In addition to coarse insoluble fiber this fruit contains very little fat, so is an ideal product for nourishing weight loss. Breadfruit quickly give the feeling of satiety, which does not go a long time. Due to this, the weight loss is more comfortable and fast. Regular consumption of jackfruit can be beneficial for those suffering from high blood pressure. The high potassium content in this fruit not only neutralizes the harmful effects of sodium, but also provides a vasodilator effect. The lumen of the blood vessels increases and the pressure decreases in a natural way. Useful not only fruit but also other parts of this plant. For example, the roots of jackfruit are used in the treatment of diarrhea, while the flowers of this plant are used as antidiuretic. In the East a decoction of the leaves of the jackfruit drink nursing mothers, it increases the amount of milk.
Jackfruit is often cooked with coconut milk and spices.In another embodiment, the fruits are cleaned and welded to the softening of the pulp. This tender flesh is used in salads or sauces. The unripe fruit is roasted like potatoes. Baked fruits can be consumed as bread. Muffins made from the pulp of jackfruit is served as a snack. Many chefs use breadfruit for cooking a variety of desserts and creams. Thanks to high productivity, a breadfruit can be a great product. In addition, these fruits have a high nutritional value and bring tangible benefits to the body.