Military beach in Pattaya (Hat Nang Ram)

Military beach in Pattaya (Hat Nang Ram)

Legend has it! One day, people vacationing on the beach and heard a strange sound. It was like the singing of the dancing girls - "Beach of dancing girls". The sound of this, according to legend, came from one of the Islands opposite the beach "Hat Nang Ram". It is these Islands, and white sand and a picturesque mountain landscape is famous for the cleanest beach in the vicinity of Pattaya. "Hat Nang Ram" one of the cleanest and most beautiful sandy beaches of Thailand. Its purity the beach "Hat Nang Ram" to people in uniform.
The main differences from the military beach "Saikaew Beach": at the entrance to the territory - any contributions to the economy of the "Country of Smiles" with a person (even farang) is not collected, leave the documents in a Deposit is also not required. However with the car still takes a symbolic sum of 20 baht. But if you travel a motorbike, you know - the beach is free for you.
As for the aesthetic beauty and comfort - "Hat Nang Ram" you will remember the magnificent scenery around the crystal clear sea and a developed infrastructure. In addition to the mandatory features to eat, to drink, to go to the bathroom, you can rent a variety of attributes of active rest on water: "tablets", "bananas", water scooters, ordinary automobile cylinders... well, you can say everything you need to tourists on the beach.
On the beach there is also a lot of people and little! The fact is that "Hat Nang Ram" is divided into two good beach natural obstacle - a rocky ledge in the sea, a bizarre stone statues embodying Thai culture and religion (the Thais are very often carried out the photo shoot here). Upon entry, you find yourself in the first part of the beach. Here, in addition to figures of menacing sharks, are almost all "amenities": free Parking, numerous cafes, rentals, and even a small hotel (Bungalow). The prices are lower than on the nearest to Pattaya island of Koh LARN, an order of magnitude. Accordingly uncrowded this place can not be. The contingent of tourists is mainly from Thais (80-90 percent). But it is enough just to walk over the aforementioned ledge, and your eyes will see beautiful desert ridge, washed by the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Thailand. There are no artificial human benefits, but it has everything for a perfect beach vacation alone with just nature. Military beach "Hat Nang Ram" you will remember the clean sandy beach.
If you want to stay in this beautiful place for another day or two, about the beach "Hat Nang Ram" there are three hotels: one star — "at Baan RAK sa Bai Resort", two stars "Thannamrin Resort" and three stars "Warasin Resort" with nice bungalows.