Thai tea

Thai tea

The first thing that catches the attention of tourists arriving in Thailand is a huge variety of tea drinks. You should definitely try all the varieties of this divine nectar, which are for sale in specialized shops and pharmacies. After all, the Thai tea has not only a unique taste and aroma, but also many useful properties. Proximity to China has had some influence on Thai culture. It manifested itself also in the tea party. In Thailand, tea is prepared according to the Chinese principle with the addition of some European traditions. The indigenous people brew the drink without food additives. But people with mixed roots used to mix Thai tea, lemon, sugar and milk.
Once in the exotic country, tourists are thinking what to bring from Thailand as a souvenir for their friends and relatives. One of the Souvenirs from this Sunny country can become tea.
Known around the world - Jasmine tea. It is characterized by an unusual floral aroma and an elegant, refined taste. The word Jasmine means "fragrant flower." To obtain Jasmine tea need to have two ingredients Jasmine flowers and tea leaves. Produces a calming effect on the man of Jasmine tea. The smell of tea stimulates brain functions. Drinking Jasmine tea is recommended for depression, nervousness, sleep disorders, with stress. A lovely fragrant drink helps in the fight against cardiovascular and cancer diseases.
Ginseng tea is a drink of Golden brown, with a distinctive taste of ginseng. Tea ginseng has on the body rejuvenating effect, improves memory, immune system, increases visual acuity, calms, normalizes liver function. It is recommended to use in diabetes, to reduce sugar in the blood.
When brewed the leaves of Thai orchids get a drink of blue colour, hence its name - "Blue tea". In Thailand this tea have long been known. It has a beneficial effect on the entire body. Purifies the blood, strengthens and promotes hair growth. The main benefit of this tea - improves memory and vision.
In Thailand the most delicious tea - Oolong tea. It has a milky taste and soft creamy scent. In the shops of Thailand it is sold by weight. By itself, the tea has a sweet taste, not to spoil the delicate flavor, drink it without sugar. This tea is useful to those who are actively involved in sports, as well as women. Because it gives an incredible energy boost, rejuvenates the body, improves metabolism. While drinking it, it helps to burn the extra pounds. It can be brewed up to five times. And after each following welding, it will demonstrate your different taste.
In Thailand a huge number of types of tea. It's hard to list them all. Need to come and try. And You are sure something will appeal and taste.
Do not buy tea in places of a mass congestion of tourists. It's not disgusting, but it is understood that where full of tourists - full of those who loves most of these tourists to cheat. Drove through a number of popular excursions and comparing prices of goods in those places where they like to unload tourists to "rest". The top places usually are full of a variety of goods, but the prices are prohibitive. The difference may be as a symbolic 50 - 100 baht and an impressive from 500 to 700 baht. Is it worth it to buy some things, only You can decide. Tea shops in Thailand, much as a variety of teas. Go shopping, compare the price of tea, then buy and enjoy Thai tea.
In Thailand along with the weather, fruit, hot sun and warm sea, you can enjoy the aroma of this wonderful beverage called tea. Thai tea is extraordinary and truly magical. Drink and not get sick!