Street food in Thailand

Street food in Thailand

 Thai street food makes an impression on everyone and become its sincere admirers. After all, it is a very economical and of good quality. The people of Thailand prepare food on the street for their fellow citizens, not for tourists, and the turnover is so great that even in 35 degree heat products just do not have time to deteriorate. In addition, in Thailand just are not made to sell spoiled food.
Street food in Thailand is not only delicious, safe, exotic, practical and interesting. Street food in Thailand is famous all over the world. In any corner of our planet you will find such an abundance of home-made trays, where fried fish, fat prawns on skewers, baked thin pancakes for a minute smiling secretly it is unclear what creates the most delicious, with a spicy salad in your life. The Thais don't give much importance to the place where they eat. They do not stop to eat soup and salads straight from the cellophane or paper bag, perched anywhere on the benches and on the sidewalk. Prices for street food usually start from 10-50 baht. Often the tourists while vacationing in Thailand, at first afraid to buy food on the street, but once daring, I remain committed to the end.
The Thais are real fans of food, many dishes can be called a culinary "house" in which very often combine incongruous ingredients, for example mixing together the sweet and savoury products, as a result of these surveys, it is not strange, get creative dishes. A lot of pepper and spices - is the norm of Thai cuisine. Our stomachs are not accustomed to "fire eating", you need to gradually accustom to the exotic local cuisine. Thais love to eat, so shops with food occur at every step. Exotic for Europeans is the ubiquitous street food. Thanks to the so-called makashnits, tasty and relatively cheap meal, in the place where he felt hungry. Makashnits - a mobile kitchen on wheels. Carry it behind the food vendors. The mobility of the kitchen provides a bike or a bike with a homemade cradle to which are fitted the grills, barbecues and all sorts of other junk with the help of which you can cook food directly on the street.
Food costs very little, the need to have in the apartment kitchen disappears by itself. Why cook when you can get out of the house to the nearest bin and buy a huge meal that can be dinner. Thais almost don't cook at all, preferring to buy everything on the street. Legislation in Thailand is constructed in such a way that any local resident can start their own business for the penny tax. It is convenient trays of food are growing like mushrooms, and prices are pleasantly low, even in Bangkok's business center. Despite the prejudices, street food in Thailand is very hygienic: products put a lot of spices, main antiseptic, prepared from fresh products (closer to midnight, the dealers sell the remains of dishes for half the price).
If you see Thai or secretly pushing his cart, you know, they're going somewhere to set your tent and you can just follow them. One by one they are not, so wherever they go, they should be more. In Thailand there are no problems with search day or night markets with an abundance of Thai food. In Thailand you will never go hungry. At any time of the day will be able to eat, enjoy Thai cuisine. Bon appétit!