Thai pineapples

Thai pineapples

Thai pineapple is one of the best. Pineapple is the birthplace of Brazil, and in Asia it was introduced only in the 19th century for cultivation. Just currently, there are about 80 varieties of pineapple. Pineapples come in yellow and green, while the greenness of the fruits of this variety does not mean that they are immature. Choose pineapples each class need to touch the fruit should not be like a tree, and slightly to prominate under your fingers, but not easy - otherwise it's all rotten. A ripe pineapple emits a hollow sound when tapped on it. A ripe and fresh pineapple tops (foliage "crown" above) thick green and easily pulled out on one leaf. A ripe pineapple is fragrant pineapple, not herbal. Thai cultivars of pineapple is usually much smaller than we're used to seeing in the stores. But they have time to ripen on the vine under the hot sun and become just stunningly sweet and flavorful.
Depending on the class price may vary. For example, at 5-10 baht you buy a small pineapple, and a lot of fruits green you will have to pay from 10 to 30 baht. But it's still a very good price. In Thailand right near the large plantations of pineapples are plants that immediately roll their bountiful harvest in jars. This aromatic delicacy is ideal as a dessert after meat, as its enzymes accelerate the process of protein breakdown. From pineapples in Thailand make juices, wines, preserves, jams, and even vinegar. Cook hot meals with fried rice, pineapple curry mussels and sweet and sour stir fry. Also very popular in Thailand alcoholic drink made from pineapple, which is called Mai tai and is served in some places right in the pineapple.
Many a visitor to Thailand will note how cleverly street vendors of fruit cut with a prickly skin of the pineapple. In fact this was not so difficult to learn - you only need a very sharp knife and a couple of pineapples to the wolves.
Useful properties of pineapple are very diverse. This fruit improves digestion, prevents blood clots, lowers blood pressure, removes toxins from the body, has anti-inflammatory properties. Rich in vitamins A, C, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, high fiber. Helps to fight colds and hypotension. Stimulates the immune system. Useful for digestion of protein foods, for excretion of cholesterol. In pineapple contains magnesium, which is very important for the health of the cardiovascular system. Contains bromelain a mixture of enzymes similar to pepsin and papain, which has anti-inflammatory and decongestant effect, it is recommended in diseases of the liver, cardiovascular system, kidneys, and anemia, in functional disorders of the nervous system. In India as a sedative use the juice from pineapple leaves. Due to the high content of serotonin, the saturation of the pineapple is very fast. By consuming quickly disappears the feeling of hunger, plus pineapple are good removes excess water from the body, which makes the pineapple a necessary component of many diets. To use the pineapple should be cautious in gastritis and ulcers.
Pineapple is used as additives in the manufacture of lotions and skin creams, and other cosmetics, with the addition of pineapple cosmetics acquires efficiency in the fight against excessive oiliness. Pineapple also adds to the scrubs and creams good exfoliating properties.
Eat for health is a wonderful fruit.