Crocodile farm

Crocodile farm

The million years stone Park - a wonderful nature reserve with tropical plants of various types and huge stones, whose age is several million years. Their unique form is created by nature itself. In the reserve there is a small zoo, home to tigers, ostriches, elephants, deer and other animals. Each of you has the opportunity to make amazing photos with bears, tigers, birds and snakes. Crocodile farm - a good alternative to visiting as adults, and children. The owners of the Park are the crocodiles in honor of them called farm, she is the biggest in Thailand. You will see unforgettable show with the participation of these dangerous reptiles. The farm is an exotic restaurant where you can try dishes of crocodile meat, and the gift shop sells products made of natural crocodile leather.
Every self-respecting tourist ever in your life visit Thailand, and not just come on a beach holiday, and will approach this pastime abroad more thoroughly: try Thai kitchen, take a few tours, see or do something incredible, because otherwise, it makes no sense to go to Thailand to bring back only memories of the sea. Pattaya is one of the most popular in Asia, but the luxury hotels, clean beaches and many interesting excursions only add the number of curious tourists. Having been in Pattaya, not reaching the crocodile farm, you can safely admit that I came to Thailand for nothing! Crocodile farm in Pattaya is a perfect place which combines a mini-zoo, crocodile show, the Park of thousand-year stones. It's very unusual for Europeans. Beauty and interest all around. A miracle of nature! Having decided to visit this place immediately allocate at least half a day free time, because see there really is something.
Well, where do without the crocodiles. In the Park there are several areas with crocodiles. One of them, you can feed the crocodiles chicken, for a fee. Fortunately, there are crocodiles fed well, so to fight each other or jump on two feet high at the sight of meat, they will not. But even without this spectacle of predator eating prey very exciting. Besides, literally every half hour here are crocodile show, from which simply breathtaking. Artists almost all my life learning the tricks that show within a half hour, and moreover, the risk of being eaten by a crocodile is not excluded. Such people should be admired. Very brave. Risk is their job.
Make sure to explore a wide area of the farm. Park Millennium stones is very neat and tidy and beautiful, here you will find many places for beautiful pictures. On the farm you can see not only crocodiles but also on birds, exotic fish. You can visit the area with the elephants, where you can not only stroke, but also to sit on the elephant. There is an area with giraffes, bears and tigers. Almost everywhere animals are allowed to feed. Hungry and a little tired, tourists can relax in the small exotic restaurant and try something that nowhere else will you eat the meat and eggs of reptiles. Here you can buy as a gift or for yourself products made of crocodile leather wallets, belts, bags, shoes.
The farm is not far from Pattaya (15-20 minutes driving from downtown). The easiest way to get a tour. The price of the tour within 14$. The advantages are huge - took, brought from the hotel and back. No need to look for tuk-tuks, taxis, bargain. Cheaper than doing it yourself. It already many times tested and proven. Enjoy and have fun from what I have seen!