Thai checkers

Thai checkers

The importance of the cultural influence of India affected the distribution of chess games like Mancala in those countries with which trade was conducted. In Indonesia, Malaysia - distributed games with holes. In Malaysia, the game is known as congkak (congkak), the same name used in many areas of Sumatra. In Indonesia the common name of these games - Conpak taken from the cowrie shell, which is commonly used in gaming material. On the island of Java, the game is known as Congac, Dakon. On the island of Sulawesi (Indonesia) historically, that the game is only possible during the mourning periods after the death of a loved one. There is a taboo in order to play Conpak at any other time.The chess game has become famous in Thailand simultaneity with the neighboring countries during the 8th century. There is no doubt that the Indian checkers game became known in Thailand before the penetration in this country the game of chess.
The historic feature of the Thai checkers is that they arose much later than the 8th century on the Board for Chaturanga (Makruk) with a set of checkers from 8 Kauri shells, which was part of a chess set to represent the pawns. This is very useful when for checkers games don't need to look for other chips, and one set of game Makruk is used in both games. Another feature of Thai checkers is that their rules are very close to the rules of Spanish checkers. Perhaps this was affected by the era of great geographical discoveries (mid-15th - mid 17th centuries). In addition, the rules of Thai checkers differ significantly from the English game. Thai checkers as in English simple does not cut back, the party starts black, but the Thai king is long-range! In any case, Thailand is the only country in Southeast Asia that was not colonized in history. It would be foolish to challenge the identity of Thai sticks. In neighboring countries similar to checkers games at the 64-cell Board there.
Rules Thai checkers: Board, 64 squares in black and white. The location of the Board relative to the player: in the left middle corner of the black cage. Thai checkers using a numeric notation: numbers from 1 to 32 marked with black squares. The expense of the cells starts - relative white pieces - from left to right with the far row of cages. Traditional Thai checkers is a two - row, with the arrangement in the two nearest the player rows on the black squares. Three piece Thai checkers have the same arrangement as the Russian. Plays black goes first. The checker moves through the black cells. Moves diagonally forward and to the next cell. Upon reaching the opposite edge of the Board (field transformation) the pawn promotes to a Queen. The sword only cuts forward, jumping over one or successively several checkers (or kings) of the enemy. Broken piece removed from the Board. Again, the sword does not go back and beats! - so the alien Queen can attack from behind. Taking someone else's checkers or more - mandatory course. The choice of the direction of the shock stroke for the player. If a pawn reaches the cells of transformation during the shock stroke, then it becomes a king, but running at this stop (that is, felling foes of checkers ends). The transformation is considered as the end of the turn. King - long range, when making a simple stroke can stand up to any empty cell on the diagonal (of course, not jumping over their pieces). Artillery king can beat (to make shock move to capture) in different directions one or more others. However, after taking the last alien checkers (or kings) she has to stand on the following taken the sword the cage, not on a random cell on the diagonal for the downed saber! If the cells on which the king stands up after taking, possibly taking someone else's checkers, then the impact stroke continues. This rule Thai checkers dramatically facilitates catching of a foreign king, and thereby increases the performance of the parties.
Thai checkers are in fact a unique game. And they were created a long time ago,and are ancient game really is. One set of checkers may be used in two games.