The Nature Of Thailand

The Nature Of Thailand

The climate in Thailand is tropical and hot. In the South of Thailand and the South East the change of dry-wet season, almost not felt, when in the North the seasons are pronounced. In the North and North-East of Thailand falls about 1000 mm of precipitation per year, most of them fall during the rainy season (may to October). In the South and South-East of the precipitation falls in 2 times more and they are evenly divided into months. In the North-East of Thailand too noticeable dry season: rivers dry up, soil cracks, channels and shallow lakes. But in April and may the start of the monsoon rains, and by July the land is suitable for the treatment and planting of the crop. Monsoon rains often lead to flooding. Because of this, the locals build houses on high stilts. The most fertile soils located in the Central valley, there are all the farms and pastures. In the North the area of Chiang Mai the soil is more or less good, it is not fertile in the North-East.
Over millions of years the nature of Thailand has created an incredible number of its inhabitants. The fauna here is diverse, including very rare species that live only in the country of eternal summer. Elephants are considered a symbol of the Kingdom of Thailand, these six ton giants easily move along the inclined surfaces, confidently hold the balance with great legs and trunk, clinging to them for the trees. All regions of Thailand are inhabited by monkeys. Here live orangutans, white-handed Gibbons, macaques, langur monkeys. In the Eastern part of the country, meet the lemurs. Live in the country and the Himalayan black bears, wild bulls Gaura, cat bears binturong, hornbills, wild boars, deer, different species of snakes and lizards. As for the predators, here you can find a black Panther, tiger, leopard, Golden cat. In Thailand many dangerous animals that can be found in many different places. Most should beware of Scorpions and snakes. The most dangerous is the king Cobra, Python, adder, and sea snake. According to recent reports, Thailand is inhabited by about 175 species of snakes, 13 of which are poisonous.In some places inhabited by crocodiles.
Many people want to visit the country, as it is considered the epitome of romance. The landscape of the Kingdom is so incredibly beautiful, you will meet a community of animals that is inherent in this area. Such animals often are a danger to people. The danger of staying in the jungle in Thailand are greatly exaggerated. We need to heed the advice of their guides, if you have purchased a tour in the jungle. The most dangerous, famous, graceful and graceful inhabitants of tropical forests are considered to be the king Cobra. However, the king Cobra can be seen in any part of the country. Thailand attracts with its beautiful nature, which attracts even the seasoned tourists. Rivers, lakes, waterfalls, white beaches, mountains, caves, rocks - all this is striking in its originality.
If you are a plant lover, you definitely need to visit Thailand. Here you will see amazing plants such as ficus trees, red trees, variety of palm tree species. Fabulously beautiful flowers beckon with their originality and attractiveness: orchids, Lotus flowers, fruit trees..... Thailand is famous for its forests, which are famous Temples of monkeys. In the past it was the Temples of the Buddhists. Now monkeys have chosen and created these places. You can also find the tiger Temple, although the temple grounds, in addition to these formidable and graceful animals live, all animals without exception.
The coast-line, washed by two seas, amazing variety of fauna. Here is located the breeding grounds of sea turtles, sirens. Fishing enthusiasts will come to the indescribable delight of many fish. Divers will also be pleased, having been on the coral reefs in the South - many fish and shellfish that live there are full color multiplicity. In places where coral reefs inhabited by turtles, giant cuttlefish, rays, dolphins, sharks and other marine fauna.
Thailand is a beautiful country. A Paradise on earth. Here is a beautiful colorful world. The world of goodness and enjoyment.