The Island Of Koh Samui

The Island Of Koh Samui

Samui island in the Gulf of Thailand Pacific ocean. Is part of the Thai province of Surat Thani. The maximum height above sea level to 635 m. the Popular resort. Located about 700 km from Bangkok and 40 km from the East coast of southern Thailand. The island is rich in natural attractions, white sandy beaches, coral reefs and coconut trees. In June 2008 The was granted official municipal status as an independent city, before it was under the administrative jurisdiction of Surat Thani. Samui is surrounded by about sixty other Islands, most of which make up the national marine Park Mu Ko Ang Thong, but there are other resorts - Ko PHA Ngan, Koh Tao and Koh Nang yuan. The Central part of the island, mostly impassable mountain jungle (peak Choapam, 635 m), closer to the coast low - lying areas, connected by a single road which runs around the circumference of the island. The old capital is Nathon, on the southwest coast of the island, still remains a major port for fishing and inter-island transport. Located in Nathon, the local administration and commercial center for local residents. Old Chinese house on the main street where there are shops - a reminder of the exotic history of the island. Samui, like the rest of southern Thailand has only two distinct climatic seasons. The rainy season is from may to December and dry season from January to April. Rains are strong but short-lived.
From the island to the mainland can be reached via ferries three companies on Samui. High-speed passenger catamarans located on the piers Maenam and Nathon, and passenger and vehicle ferry in Nathon and Lipa Noah. All three carriers arrive to the pier near the town of don Sak. The catamaran travels the distance in about 40 minutes, and the ferry - 1.5 hours. Runs regular boats connect Ko Samui with Surat Thani and Ko Phangan. Once a day you can catch a boat to Koh Tao. Around the mountainous part of the island ring road 4169, the length of which is about 52 km away. For full coverage of the entire coast of Koh Samui was a road 4170. Road 4169 completely covered with asphalt, has one lane in each direction. 4170 road is two-lane canvas with concrete pavement. On Ko Samui only one roundabout. Public transport on Ko Samui, Songthaews (pickup truck, the back of which is covered with an awning, mounted beneath the benches for seat or without a seat but with handles to hold onto), taximeter and motorcycle taxis. The entire coastline of Samui island is divided into beaches, most of which got their names according to the names of villages, coves or capes in the neighborhood. Only 34 Samui beach.
National Angthong marine Park consists of 42 Islands which constitute the mountain ranges of limestone, covered with tropical forests. Established as a national Park in 1980. Also known as the "Golden pool", because it is a great place for snorkeling (diving).
Wat Khunaram is the most famous temple of the island, where the mummy of the monk Luang Pho Daeng. The mummy sits upright in a glass box, and the believers visiting the temple, bringing the sacrifice of flowers and incense. The mummy is the body of a very distinguished Abbot of the temple, which, according to believers, was able to predict death.
Aquarium and Tiger zoo - an amazing collection of tropical fish and other vibrant aquatic animals such as turtles and colorful coral. Tiger in the nursery you can see Bengal tigers and leopards.
Pagoda Laem SOR pagoda, located in Laem SOR temple is one of the most important Buddhist shrines on Koh Samui.
Big Buddha statue - statue with a height of 12 meters, is located on the mountain, which is visible from almost all points of the island, there is a need to get a special Dragon the stairs.
Rock grandparents — a natural monument became a place of pilgrimage for tourists due to their striking similarity to sexual organs.