The Island Of Koh LAN

The Island Of Koh LAN

Koh LARN is one of the Islands in the Gulf of Thailand on the East coast of Thailand. Refers to the group closest to the Pattaya Islands. Is a popular tourist destination of Pattaya. Koh LARN is the largest island of the group closest to the Pattaya Islands. Located about 8 km from the coast. Administratively belongs to the Lamung, Chonburi province.
There are five popular public beaches and several small secluded:
1) Beach Tawaen Beach" the largest and most popular beach on the island, approximately 680 metres long. There is a pier that sails part of the ferry. There are hotels and restaurants. Popular among Asian tourists.
2) the Beach, Samae Beach and the lively beach about 600 meters long. There are restaurants and hotels.
3) Beach Tien Beach is large and uncrowded beach about 500 meters long. More suited for Snorkelling. Located at a distance from the nearest Parking. This explains why it is not crowded. To get to the beach is by boat, boat and songteo.
4) Beach Nual Beach, also known as Monkey Beach. The beach is small and rocky. The beach is often visited by wild monkeys.
5) Also on the island there are a number of small beaches with minimal infrastructure or no. Most of the wild beaches of the island are not connected by a network of roads and can be reached only by sea.
The island is connected by regular ferry service. From the main pier of Pattaya Bali Hai in the morning and afternoon every 30-40 minutes, with ferries and boats. On the island ferries mostly approach to the main pier in the village of Ban Ko Lan. Some ferries go to the beach Tawaen. Boats go to the beaches of the island. From Bangkok from Victory Monument to the island are direct minibuses. The ticket price includes transfer to the pier and ferry ticket. On the island there is a network of roads that connects the main pier, the village and all major beaches. The island operates a songteo (tuk tuk) or motorbike taxis. Also on the island there is a possibility to rent a motorbike.
The island is the most visited among tourists vacationers at the resort in Pattaya. This is due to its easy accessibility and more clean beaches and sea in Pattaya. In the city there are many travel companies that organize tours from the hotel and back. On the island there are almost all kinds of beach and marine activities. On the main beaches have a developed infrastructure, restaurants and hotels. Also on the island are built of different viewpoints. There is a shooting range with a firearm.
Those who go to Koh LARN, there is always something to do. It is possible to spend time on the beach or walk around the island. The more that you are in their sights. On the highest point of the island is a temple which houses a huge Buddha statue. This is a very interesting place, which is always solemn and quiet. Enjoy beautiful island views with different viewpoints. Them to Koh LARN, each offers a view of the island, coastal waters and even in Pattaya. The best experience you can get by climbing to the observation deck near the beach Tien Beach.
Practically the whole perimeter of the island are the sandy beaches. Almost all of them are surrounded by shops, cafes and souvenir shops. There is more than crowded beaches and not very popular, convenient for families with children and for diving.
On To Lana has everything you need to stay here for all the holidays and even for few months hotels, restaurants, bars, grocery stores. There are even machines with filtered water, as in Pattaya. There are 7-Eleven , which sells the same as on the mainland. The prices are only slightly higher. As the variant - products, vegetables and fruit can be cheap to buy in Pattaya, good drive to it only costs 30 baht. Good housing can be found here easily, have all the infrastructure. Hotel "Xanadu Beach Resort" is perfect for a good rest for a long time.
Like almost everywhere in Thailand on Koh Lana, you can rent a motorbike. Since asphalt roads are laid to all the beaches, viewpoints and attractions (except for the last stretch of road leading to the Buddha on the mountain), you'll be able to enjoy a leisurely sightseeing tour all alone without any of the tuk-tuk drivers, who will to rush you back or add a few hundred baht for a simple vehicle. Many tourists, especially young women, prefer to move around the island by foot: the beaches are from each other in a half-hour walk. Note that the area of the island is hilly, often rocky ground. Foot travel can be difficult for the physically unprepared.
Definitely resting in Pattaya, come to the island of Koh LAN and have a good rest and enjoy the local beauty and kaloritom of the island. Successful to you of rest to the Lord!