Grow these wonderful fruits of the evergreen trees from the family spotovyh. Love the tropical and subtropical climate, the cold can hold on for a few hours. Tree Sapodilla grows to 3-4 m height, the fruits can be round or oval, elongated shape, the size of a large plum, diameter 5-10 cm. One fruit typically weighs 100-150 grams. The ripe fruit has a brownish skin, and under her delicate, slightly granular pulp with fibers, like persimmon. The flesh is very sweet, if the fruit is overripe, sickly sweet even. The flavor and taste reminiscent of dried fruits.
Unfortunately, to try this amazing fruit is possible only in those places where it grows directly, because it is very poorly kept and almost non-transportable. Choose fruit with a whole skin, which feels slightly soft. Eat only the ripe Sapodilla. Clean the fruit from the skins and add the pulp of some unusual shape, or simply cut the fruit with a knife lengthwise into four parts. Don't forget to remove the seeds. Sapodilla is recommended to store in the refrigerator for five to seven days, or if the fruit is still unripe, to six weeks.
Like any other fruit, the ripe fruit of the Sapodilla tree is rich in vitamins, minerals and many other nutrients:
1) Glucose and fructose in combination with vitamins and tannins in the composition of Sapodilla nourish the brain and give strength and energy.
2) Contains large amounts of vitamin A, so it is very useful to prevent different eye diseases.
3) Has anti-inflammatory properties so healthy and full digestive system and gastrointestinal tract in particular.
4) Antioxidants in abundance help to destroy free radicals and preventing different types of cancer.
5) vitamins a and b in a pair strengthen connective tissue in the body and make the skin more elastic.
6) Dietary fiber improves digestion and rid the body of toxins.
7) Calcium, phosphorus and iron contribute to the strengthening of bones and formation of red blood cells (hemoglobin).
8) a Few Sapodilla fruits relieve constipation, as they are natural laxative.
9) the Sapodilla Fruit is good for pregnant women, as it is very nutritious and is simply a concentrate of vitamins and minerals.
10) In the South-East Asian Sapodilla is used in diarrhea.
11) the Fruit of Sapodilla is a good natural sedative, improves sleep and helps with insomnia.
12) Magnesium and potassium, which is also present in the composition of Sapodilla, help regulate blood pressure.
13) the Crushed seeds of this fruit are used as cannabinoidasam funds if concerned about kidney stones.
In cosmetics the oil Sapodilla used :
1) For regular care of normal and oily skin of the face and body of adults and children.
2) If it is problematic, prone to dermatitis skin.
3) To prevent irritation, itching and flaking of the skin.
4) As an additional tool in dermatitis, including seborrheic.
5) To strengthen hair, especially dry and brittle.
6) In the complex treatment of fungal infections of the skin.
7) to care For reddened eyelids.
8) it is Recommended for dry skin, especially in the area with lime water or in difficult weather conditions.
9) assist from burns.
10) Evens out skin tone.
Oil sapoti can be used in the form of applications, masks, lubricating in pure form and in mixtures with other oils, as base oil to create compositions with essential oils, for preparing massage and cosmetic blends for enrichment of ready cosmetic means: creams, masks, shampoos, balsams.
What is surprising, but this plant is perfect for growing at home. Plant it with the help of stones, which were extracted from plants, however, a long time can not be stored, it is necessary to plant the seeds as soon as possible. They germinate about a month after planting, sometimes earlier. The plant requires moderate watering, loose soil.
Useful Sapodilla is an exotic fruit that has many beneficial substances. Very sweet and juicy. This is a great replacement for traditional desserts. If you go for a vacation in a tropical country, do not miss the opportunity to try this interesting fruit. Eat on health!