Climate and weather in Thailand

Climate and weather in Thailand

Thailand is located in the subtropical and tropical climate zones, influenced by northeastern and southwestern monsoons. Thailand is much elongated from North to South the state: the distance between its southernmost and northernmost points is 1860 km (on the map, you can see that the difference of latitudes at a distance equal to 15 °). Such elongation-site makes the weather of Thailand is one of the most diverse in Southeast Asia.
As Thailand is located in the zone of the humid tropics, the weather here is warm during the whole season. The average annual temperature in Thailand is 28-30C, the water temperature is 25-30C. In Bangkok, temperature ranges from +35C in April to 25C in December. Year in Thailand can be divided into three seasons: hot - March to may, rainy from June to November and cool from November to February. The "cold" season the most comfortable time in Thailand, the mass arrival of tourists, and it differs from "hot" only more cool evenings and nights and low humidity. Do not be afraid and "rainy season" - usually they shed profusely in the Northern provinces of Thailand, away from the coast and not disturb campers. And on the Islands of Phuket and Samui, the rains are very rare and they are mostly only at night.
Cool season, continuing in Thailand from mid-November to mid-February, is considered the best to visit in this country. However, cool is very relative — in Thailand almost all year round hot. Only in the North due to its height above sea level cool nights, but during the day even in the "cool season" is hot. However, it is still the best season for the trip — sunshine and blue skies guaranteed.
From mid-March to may in Thailand the hot season. The day was very sultry, and even night does not bring relief. The thermometer often shows +40°C in the shade and even higher in the arid plain to the North-East of Bangkok. And from June to September in Thailand has a long rainy season. The heat is a little abated, but high humidity makes the situation no less exhausting for the Europeans. In Bangkok the rains are usually torrential and coming in the second half of the day and morning sunshine. In Pattaya, famous for its beaches, there is a more Sunny climate. On the West coast of the Peninsula (Phuket) the rains continue until the end of November. Sometimes in October and November on the coast of the landfall typhoons, and up to 24 December 2004 were considered, they are less strong than in the rest of Indochina. But this day turned previous ideas: the unprecedented force of the tsunami that struck Indonesia and Thailand, claimed a total of more than 310 thousands of lives. Particularly hard hit Phuket. The sea temperature all year round high: low +25°C in January and a maximum of +30°C in may.
As you can see, the weather in Thailand by months and regions is quite different. Therefore, it is necessary to consider when planning a holiday. Especially now you know exactly what is the climate in Thailand and best time to go on vacation.
It should be noted that although there is a distinction between holiday seasons in Thailand, it is mostly conditional. The climate in the land of smiles is suitable for a holiday all year round! Thailand is a beautiful and peaceful country to stay! Enjoy this country!