Homeland of mango is India, where they still gather the large crops of these fruits in Thailand is grown less mango than in India, but Thai mango is the most delicious and we love it. Thai mango is more juicy, than the Indian. At the present time mangoes are grown in China, USA, Mexico, Africa, Australia and, of course, in Southeast Asia.
Mango is one of the leading tropical fruits of Thailand. In the Kingdom grow some of the most delicious mango in the world. Ripe mango is eaten as a dessert, and pickles are prepared from unripe fruits. The tropical climate of Thailand is ideal for high quality and abundant growth of mango. As in Thailand the rainy season and dry season have practically the same duration, the mango trees receive much-needed protection from bacteria and fungi. When the tropical heat in Thailand reaches its climax in April and may, the mangoes ripen. Mango is different by size. Smallest baby no more eggs, while the large fruits can weigh up to 2-3 kg. the Form of mango in Thailand can be oval, round, heart shaped, kidney-shaped or long and narrow. The shape of the fruit depends on the area, soil and varieties. How much mango in Thailand? Cost mango also depends on the area and variety. So, the lowest price of mango, which can be seen in Thailand is 20 baht per kilogram. In resort areas such as Pattaya and Phuket, the price of mango varies from 20 to 100 baht per kilogram. Depending on the harvest season of mangoes.
Mango is both yellow and green, and pink, the color does not depend on the degree of ripeness, and on species and habitats, green mango is not yellow, and is used green. Fruit yellow mango inside can be smooth and soft so and soft-fibrous, depending on the variety. The season for green mangoes all year round. Locals as Thailand and India eat different varieties of mangoes, tourists prefer yellow, the sweetest. Yellow mangoes are sweet and juicy, green mangoes are less juicy and have a sour taste, but still pleasant, definitely worth a try.
The mangoes are attributed to such useful properties such as strengthening the heart muscle, improving brain function, stops bleeding, improvement in blood properties that help in weight-loss, strengthening bone tissue. It is believed that immature mango protect against diarrhea and hemorrhoids, as well as from stagnation of bile and help the liver, and strengthen the body's resistance to tuberculosis. The mango leaves contains strong herbal tranquilizer. In medicine, mangoes are used to stop internal bleeding and as a diuretic and laxative. Mango juice is recommended for acute dermatitis. Dried mangoes is an excellent remedy for beriberi. It is believed that regular consumption of ripe mango leads to the formation of healthy epithelium. Unripe mangoes contain starch in large quantities when ripe starch is converted into sucrose, glucose and lactose, that is, simple carbohydrates, and also in pectin and fiber. Mango pulp gives a strong preventive effect against cancer of various organs, especially the urinary and reproductive areas. Mango regardless of varieties including rich vitamins and minerals such as: thiamin, Niacin, Riboflavin, D, C (contains ½ the daily requirement of vitamin C), A, E, b vitamins, potassium, folic acid, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, magnesium and molybdenum. The composition of mango includes 12 essential amino acids that the human body cannot make and must be ingested with food. Mango is 5 times more carotene than in Mandarin. Scientists believe that regular consumption of mango is the prevention of cancer. The vitamins contained in mango - excellent strengthen the immune system, plus the mango is an antioxidant. It is also proven that eating mango relieves stress and tension, improves mood, lowers cholesterol and even an aphrodisiac. Mango and its extracts are widely used in folk medicine and in the manufacture of cosmetics, because mango leaves are used in the manufacture of toothpaste for teeth whitening. Overeating of ripe mango can cause intestinal upset and allergic reactions, also contraindicated the use of mango with alcohol.
 Often eat, and enjoy delicious and nutritious fruits mango!