Car wash in Thailand

Car wash in Thailand

Rare to find in Thailand dirty car. Car and motorcycle speeding on the roads of the Kingdom are always clean. The car washes will always find the owners of cars and motorcycles that produce their "iron friends". Yes, and clean, and grated to a Shine, car or bike much nicer to ride. Uplifting and a joy. And all around beauty. It is a country of smiles-Thailand!
Especially increasing the number of cars and motorcycles at the car wash at the end of the celebration of Songkran (Thai New Year). The number of clients increased many times. Most drivers wash their vehicle from paint stains and talc, and also signs, with which they decorated the car in the midst of the festival. Most of these contaminants are extremely difficult to clean if left for a few days. For this reason joyful Songkran revelers go to clear their vehicles from "the joy of the holiday."
For 60 baht-100 baht (depending on the type of motorcycle you will wash and RUB some dirt bike. Even if you have an old "iron horse", after washing your motorcycle will look as good as new. Washing the car will cost from 140 baht to 220 baht (depending on the car class). For example, a jeep with a body. You will manage to wash it 180 baht. The car will cost you 140 baht-160 baht. Van 220 baht. All wash, wipe, clean the cabin, in the trunk, you RUB rubber, plastic, everywhere, update, freshen the interior of your car. Will be satisfied.
Use atomically in Thailand! Profitable, reliable, convenient.....