Thai coconuts

Thai coconuts

Coconuts sells every self-respecting vendor of fruit. The coconut is the face of Asia, including Thailand. Malaysia, the Philippines, India, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Indonesia: they are rich in coconuts. Coconut trees love to grow in sandy land by the sea, just like the bounty advert. But in fact, palm trees are not very fussy and grow in the jungle, farms, plantations and mountains.
Coconuts in Tailand mostly drink. They are sold chilled, the seller "cut" the hole, getting to the liquid inside, inserts a tube and enjoy a drink. If you wish, you can scrape the flesh with a spoon, which is attached to the coconut.
The coconut there are three stages of ripening of the fruit.
The first stage — the fruit of small size, green and it has more juice and the pulp are almost there. The average price for a young green coconut is 20 baht.
The second stage is the fetus a light brown color. Inside still has the juice, but the pulp on the walls becomes thicker and fatter.
The third stage is wrinkled coconut. The shell of the fruit hard, inside a thick layer of pulp and almost no juice.
The composition of coconut water: minerals, b vitamins, C, E, folic acid, essential amino acids, antioxidants, iodine, selenium, zinc, manganese, boron, sulfur, molybdenum, potassium, magnesium, copper, fluorine and other macro and micro elements. The coconut is very useful.
Due to the content of many vitamins and acids, regular consumption of coconuts improves the digestive system and liver, improves immunity, has antimicrobial and anthelmintic properties, regulates the level of cholesterol in the blood, the cardiovascular system, prevents the development of cancer, rejuvenates and gives the skin elasticity, the elasticity of the joints.
A very valuable product is coconut oil extracted from coconut pulp. This oil does not contain cholesterol. Coconut oil is used not only in food but also used for cosmetic purposes. Based on coconut oil make creams and shampoos for hair, coconut oil is used in moisturizer after tanning. If you apply coconut oil and go to the beach, you will get smooth and beautiful tan - just don't overdo it, you can very quickly burn. In stores sure to find a soap with added coconut oil! This soap does not dry the skin and moisturizes it.
Coconut milk is usually drunk fresh, and also used for making smoothies, alcoholic beverages, liqueurs. Coconut is actively used for flavoring foods and beverages, tea, coffee, tobacco and alcohol. In addition to the preparation of confectionery and alcoholic beverages, coconuts are used for cooking other dishes.
Proven that coconut is useful in any form.