Motorcycles in Thailand

Motorcycles in Thailand

The journey to Thailand is very interesting, to use the most common transport is motorbike. Independent planning of the destinations will allow You to fully enjoy your holiday.
In Thailand, motorcycles are presented in a large assortment. A huge number of shops selling motorbikes. The most common of the firm motorcycles – Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki.
What you need to know, not to get fines from the police when operating a motorcycle. Of course the first thing that you have to pay attention, is the presence of a helmet, which definitely need to wear when traveling. The fine for riding without a helmet is 400 baht. The fine is the same amount you will get for driving without a license, no papers on the bike, and if the number of people more than two people on a motorbike. Although the Thais drive on one bike and five people and many don't wear helmets. Not taking care of yourself. After all, it's not safe. When controlling a motorbike in a drunken state the driver can receive up to 10 days in prison in Thailand.
Motorcycles run 91 or 95 petrol. Real gas mileage is not great – about 3-4 liters per hundred kilometers. Refills quite a lot. If gasoline suddenly ended, and next to no refueling – note on nearly every corner selling petrol in bottles. He's not much more expensive than at the pump, but it's way out in this situation. In the end, you can seek the assistance of local residents. Most likely, you will be helped. The people here are responsive and ready to help you.
Almost every roadway has a lot of drain gratings. Such is the peculiarity of the local climate: the case of tropical showers. For cars, these obstacles are usually invisible, but a motorbike (and driver) may suffer, if the speed of the fly on a sunk into the asphalt the grid drain. Be very careful! Sometimes on the roads across the sand . Scary slippery thing, especially on the turns, be very careful. Also be afraid of stray dogs and cats, often popping up on the road.
Biking in Thailand is nice! A lot of impressions! Enjoy the beauty of this wonderful country! But always be careful on the road! Good luck to You! Good luck on the road!