River Kwai

River Kwai

Travel to these scenic spots will remain a pleasant memory for any tourist. Distorted the name of the river sounds like "Kwai", but the official name "Kwai". A winding river flows in the North-Western part of Thailand. World famous the river brought the film "bridge on the river Kwai. Key scenes of this picture were taken on the right tributary of the river Kwai. After the film river of steel to call not the Kwai, but Kwai or the Kwai, under the name of its small tributaries. The film won 7 "Oscars". Due to this popularity began a pilgrimage of tourists to Kanchanaburi province. In fact, the famous bridge is on the river Kwai Yai. For the convenience of tourists on the first English maps, and then on the other the river Kwai Yai began to be called simply the river Kwai.
The bridge over the river Kwai was built in 1943. He was part of the railroad that connected the city of Kanchanaburi to the Japanese base in Burma Thanbyuzayat. In the construction of this railway labour was used more than 60 thousand British, Australian, Dutch and American prisoners of war and nearly two hundred thousand local people from Thailand, Burma, Singapore and Malaysia. Already in 1944 the bridge was destroyed by the British aircraft. After the war it was restored as a memorial in memory of the dead (the death toll in the construction of the entire railway according to various sources, from 90,000 to 100,000 people, so it was called "road of death"). From the railway there was a small path of about 5 km, which can be used on the old steam train to travel with a guided tour.
Tonight the river Kwai is very popular among tourists. It is possible spravlyaetsya just by swimming and on rafts. The hotels are located right on the water. This is one of those places that should not be missed while vacationing in Thailand. Also on the shore is ivory, and if you want you can ride the elephant. The tour usually also includes a visit to the railway, the culprits are just hype, and thermal springs in the vicinity.
A visit to a floating market in the town of Damnoeng Saduak (Damnoeng Saduak) will not leave indifferent even the most stale tourist. Someone in awe of the exotic, and someone is mad dirty water channels. This is Thailand in all its unpredictable variety. Royal teak factory" is a school of great masters who skillfully cut from a single piece of wood complex patterns, impressive depth and complexity. There's no bonding or joining is a wooden monolith.
Feeding the monkeys will bring a lot of fun. But you need to be careful not to iron them, smile showing teeth is not recommended, to pet them, do not even think they will not be given. Just put the food in an open palm – they come up and take it. Tasting tea and Thai cosmetics will bring pleasure to both men and women. Here You will see elephant show, in which you can participate. Next on the program is feeding and riding elephants through the jungle, some of the tours even have a bathing elephant in a river. For tips you can sit in the place of the mahout on the neck of the elephant.
Waterfalls of Erawan and SAI Yok Noi. It is a picturesque waterfalls located in the jungle. Under the waterfalls formed natural pools with clean and cool water where you can swim in the heat. Erawan more popular, consists of 7 levels. On the way to Kwai there are several natural thermal springs. You will be able to relax in the pools with water of different temperatures – from hot to cold. You will probably be delivered in the "magic" the pharmacy and tea shop. Prices are much wound, and the guides get a percentage of purchases. War Museum "jeath war" is on the river inside Wat Chai Chumphon.
Excursion to the river Kwai turns out very rich. On the way inland you will see the beauty of nature in Thailand: mountains, jungle, waterfalls. You learn a lot about the country, the stories of the guide will not get bored on the road. Visit the river Kwai is not only a walk over the bridge and the places associated with the war, but the rafting down the river on rafts and relaxing pastime in the floating hotels, visit interesting sites located in the surrounding area.