Alcohol in Thailand

Alcohol in Thailand

The availability of alcohol in Thailand, even for local residents and a large number of tourists has led to the fact that the Kingdom is among the world leaders in alcohol consumption per capita. Of course, a huge amount of alcohol consumed in the popular resorts of Thailand, where for the most favorable conditions. Even people who practically do not drink alcohol in everyday life in Thailand are often unable to resist the temptation to try local spirits, despite the fact that enjoying the holidays in this country and to feel a sense of mild euphoria and can be sober.
The most popular drink in Thailand is beer. Its price in local stores ranges from 35 to 100 baht in bars and restaurants – from 60 to 140 baht. Thai beer is quite strong, so be careful using it in hot Thailand. Thais prefer to add beer in the ice so it remains cold longer.
Thai beer
Beer in Thailand is the most popular drink, and dark Beers here do not produce only light varieties. The most famous brand, in existence since 1933 is Singha (5%), Singha Light (3.5 per cent). Worthy competition the brand is the brand Chang: Classic (6.4 percent), Draught (5%) and Light (4.2 percent). Slightly less popular local beer brands Leo (3.5%) and Archa (5.4 percent). In Phuket, make Phuket beer Beer (5%), but you can buy them only in supermarkets.
Almost all the beer here comes in bottles with a volume of 0.64 l or 0.33 l Much rarer bottle 0.5 l, which do not enjoy special demand.
Wine in Thailand
If during your stay in Thailand will want wine, the best solution is to go to the store Big C or Tesco and buy a branded, good, there are a huge selection of wines from Spain, Chile and Australia. However, imported wine is quite expensive: prices in the supermarkets start from 200-300 baht per bottle, and more worthy varieties – from 1000 baht per bottle. Such wild prices due to the fact that the government has a policy aimed at developing local production. Unfortunately nothing good to be said about the wines in Thailand. Well, not tasty they are.
Thai whiskey
The most popular brands of Thai whisky – Mekong, Blend, Sang Som and Hong Thong. Thai whiskey, although it has a slightly sharp taste, but the quality is very high. Blend whiskey Thais are accustomed to mix with soda water. Mekhong (35%) appeared in 1941 and was able to quickly win the love of the local population. Although Mekhong is whiskey, he is closer in composition to rum as it is made from rice and sugar cane.
The rum Sang Som Thai from all the alcohol preferred by the Europeans, appreciating him for quite a pleasant taste and a good cleaning. Due to the fact that rum Sang Som is usually sold in beautiful packaging, doesn't have to think over what drink to bring from Thailand. The rum Sang Som (40%) – a rather "young" product. It appeared in 1977, but managed to quickly become popular and has gained a leading position in the market of spirits. Every year to buy 70 million liters of rum. In bars and restaurants rum Sang Som offered with ice, soda and coke.
Alcohol in Thailand is a very common product. Drink it even at Breakfast time. But despite this, the country has very strict laws not only for consumption but also for sale.
Alcohol in Thailand can be purchased from 11:00 to 14:00 and from 17:00 to 24:00.