Energy drinks in Thailand

Energy drinks in Thailand

Not everyone knows, but no country in the world not even close to the use of such drinks per capita in Thailand. According to the latest data, the average adult inhabitant of the Country of Smiles drinks about 15 litres of the local engineers. And this despite the fact that in contrast to the usual us energy, in Thailand these drinks are produced in small banks, often with a volume of 100 and 150 ml In the composition of these energy drinks besides water, contains caffeine, taurine, sugar and vitamins. Thai energy do not contain any alcohol. Bottles of energy drinks in Thailand are sold at a price of 10 baht in almost all grocery stores. The most popular are energy called M-150 (yellow label with a red star), Red Bull (Red bull) (blue label with two red bulls on a yellow background) and Carabao Daeng (Carabao Daeng) (green label with a white skull of a Buffalo on a red background). But there are others with similar tastes and identical composition.
Original Thai name Redbulla Krating Daeng (Krating Daeng), it was the first energy drink appeared on the Thai market. It was originally created in order to improve the performance of Thai workers. Invented by a Thai pharmacist, Caleo Juvida in 1962, the drink with the Austrian investor, the Dietrich Mateschitz came to the Western market. Every year the profits from sales of the drink doubled. Now it is sold in every store, it is popular in the clubs, filling the endless dance of the night. In Thailand it is sold in small brown bottles with a blue label, which depicts a running towards each other bulls.
Now the main competitor is Redbulla drink M 150. Their target audience the company chose men of the working professions. Tonic carbonated energy drink M-150. Contain taurine, natural caffeine, and a complex of b vitamins. Is one of the largest producers of power in the world. Is the most popular tonic drink in Asia.
Drink Carabao got its name after a popular Thai singer AED Carabao, which the majority considers as the voice of the people. Original logo of the drink invented by the singer. According to his plan he needs to symbolize the physical and emotional strength of people with a fighting spirit. Stylized skull of a Buffalo with a red bird says about freedom. Since October 2002, the company Carabao Tawandang produces this sweet drink with a citrus flavor. Taurine in it unlike other drinks only 30 mg.
In relation to energy drinks have long been debates about their harm and benefit. It should be recognized that medical research has still not been conducted. But they are not recommended for people with heart problems or high blood pressure, however, these people can not and coffee. Remember that stimulants can cause palpitations, anxiety and insomnia, and sometimes irritability. Over time, you can acquire a dependence on them. In addition, they have a fairly strong diuretic properties, especially mixed with alcohol, so maybe dehydration. In General, these drinks are safe, if you know the norm.