The Gulf of Thailand

The Gulf of Thailand

The Gulf of Thailand is an extreme Western region of the semi-enclosed South China sea. The Bay forms a recess of considerable size on the South coast of South-East Asia, between the Peninsula of Malacca on the West and Indochina in the East.
It is worth noting that compared to the Andaman sea, the Bay is very shallow. The average depth is 10-15 feet. Gulf waters are very warm, which affects the underwater world. Such environment is good for coral reefs, but due to the increase in water temperature, they have recently massively die off.
The Gulf of Thailand is very beautiful. Its pure water, depending on weather conditions, glow with shades of blue, green and sometimes even purple. More colors to add colorful fish, flocks passing. In addition to these prehistoric inhabitants of the underwater world, where you can also find sardines, rays, Tunas and even big fishes like sharks and whales. At greater depths dominated by silt and sand, on the coast, reefs and Islands, corals, and the rest of the – shell, white sand and rocky soil. Through Thai waters of the Gulf of Thailand is the main sea route. The Gulf of Thailand is extremely rich in biodiversity. It is here that produced such fish as: huge tuna, a variety of herring, sardines, and many others.
In economic terms, the Bay is primarily of importance as the largest fishing area of Thailand. There are small oil and gas fields. Since the second half of the twentieth century all the greater significance of the tourism and today in some regions is already the main source of income.
The waters of the Gulf washed the shores of Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Cambodia. Its area is less than half the Bay of the Andaman sea and serves as a buffer zone, separating the Malay Peninsula and Indochina. The reservoir is literally littered with tiny continental Islands formed as a result of orogenic processes.
The Gulf of Thailand in different eras witnessed the rebirth and decline of vast empires of different Nations. Time passed by, administrative boundaries have been blurred, which caused controversy and numerous conflicts between the countries. To this day I can not decide and set clear borders Cambodia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand. The main subject of the dispute are the Islands of the Gulf of Thailand since the majority of them there are deposits of natural gas and oil. The Gulf of Thailand is a place that gives sustenance to millions of people. Scattered along the banks of a small fishing village consisting of houses on high stilts built in the mangroves, because the tides sometimes reach 4 meters.