The Thai cat

The Thai cat

The history of the breed began in Thailand. The Thai cat is descended from the traditional Siamese breed was derived by breeding. Changed the color of cats, shape of face, her body.
Standard Thai cat breed was approved in Germany (only in 1990).
 Slim body with well-muscled body, elegant limbs, round head, bright blue eyes, soft coat. Size and weight are average. Adult animals can weigh 3 to 8 pounds. Colour in cats can vary.
 Cats of this breed is affectionate and docile, they are easily attached to their owners and dutifully execute some commands. Thai kittens are very inquisitive, smart and playful and sleep very little, when compared with other breeds (as they are too mobile). They are very "talkative", like palaukti and / meow. Thai cat is a great Mouser. The life expectancy is 10-14 years.
For specimens of this species have different coloration from red to black, the coat can be solid with blackened areas, striped or spotted. You can meet representatives of this breed in almost any pontoon color. A characteristic feature of the Thais are darker tail, paws, and mask on the face.
Looking into the eyes of Thais, we can immediately note the sharpness of mind and intelligence. These cats catch on pretty quick. And not only this feature makes their nature similar to a dog. Thai cats are very attached to their owner. They will be able to survive any move, any change, if people's attitudes remain the same. They need emotional contact with family members. While the animal feels loved and needed, it will pay the others the same. Thais get along well with children. During the games they hide the claws, not the bite. So quietly you can allow Thais "coddling" with the baby.
The Thai cat is your loyal friend. Reliable and dedicated.