Features left-hand traffic in Thailand

Features left-hand traffic in Thailand

At the T-junction in some cases you can go right on red at the leftmost row, if there is a corresponding text pointer.
Apart from the SDA, equivalent to the intersection, it is desirable to slow down and to act according to the current situation. If braking is not in the plans, it is possible to turn on the hazard lights — according to the unwritten rule that means Voditel going to cross the intersection without stopping (but that's at your own risk).
Park at the red-white curb can not (unable to evacuate the vehicle), but you can cross a solid yellow line.
At the intersection under a red light to make a turn to the left. But carefully, passing the car which lay on the right, on the green traffic signal. Therefore, at a stoplight, transportation, which need to go right, try not to take the extreme left lane.
One important remark. If before the bottleneck blinked oncoming car — should miss. The rule is simple — who blinked first, and the first rides. Of course, if there are no signs of a priority.
On the circle — main road. Circular motion: clockwise rotation. Therefore, before the circular junction look right and give way to someone who was already on the circle.