Koh Chang

Koh Chang

This story is about the last of the major Islands of Thailand, retained its natural charm with minimal human intervention. About the island, where nature has retained its original appearance. Remarkable island is rich in tropical flora and fauna, clean and secluded sandy beaches, wild jungles, waterfalls and unhurried local way of life – all this in a unique way combined in this precious jewel crowning the crown of the Kingdom of Thailand - Koh Chang island.
The island of Koh Chang in the Thai language sounds like, the island of the Elephant☺, so Ko Chang island, often referred to as "elephant island" or "island of the elephant." All over the island here and there are found figures of elephants. Live on the island and real elephants, which gladly rolled tourists. It is located in the Gulf of Thailand, in Trat province, about 300 kilometers from Bangkok, near the border with Cambodia.

Since 1982 Koh Chang is part of the National marine reserve, and therefore prohibited on the island water sports: skiing, water bikes and other types, there are no companies for the production, most of the island is covered by mountains and jungle. Koh Chang is an eco-friendly resort.

On Koh Chang a tropical climate. High season from November to may, but March and April are very hot months. In the other months it rains, but they mostly go at night and do not bring discomfort to relax. The island can only be reached by air and land transport, through the town of Trat. And from there on the ferry crossing to the island.

But what to see in Ko Chang:
Waterfalls. They abound on the island. The most famous is Tang late April and late Klong PLU. Both are located near the Klong Prao beach. A visit to the falls will cost you 200 baht, because they belong to the National Park. Ticket is valid up to the onset of darkness.
Salak Khok. This is a fishing village located on the North-Eastern part of the island. In the mangroves you will get acquainted with the life and customs of the fishermen. For a fee you ride on the boat.
The Temple Of The Deity Of Koh Chang. A gold and white sanctuary, where dwells the Keeper of the island. Dislocation — Klong Prao beach (near the pier). Daily temple attracts crowds of believers. The building has a traditional architecture school of Thailand. Don't forget about the dress code — no bare legs and shoulders.
Mu Koh Chang is a national marine reserve, founded in 1982, in addition to extensive island territories are included in it 45 surrounding Islands. You can go diving and Snorkelling, to descend into the mysterious cave, to visit the uninhabited island. Setting the tent up is included in the list of paid services.
The monument to the heroes of the war. Near the village of Laem Ngop is a memorial complex dedicated to the harsh events of 1941 that occurred in these Equatorial waters. The Thai Navy on January 17, fought with the French squadron, trying to free the Kingdom of Siam from colonial domination. The Museum of the Navy of Thailand is constructed as a ship's wheelhouse on the upper deck which has a statue of Admiral Alkacon.
The erotic sculpture Park. To get to this original site, you have to cross to the island of Koh Mak, South of Koh Chang. A small garden adjacent to the AO Suan Yai beach, is filled with sculptures of Nude girls, created by folk craftsman with Khun Somchai. Evil tongues call the Park the fruit of a sick imagination of the author.
In General, Everyone here will find something to their liking, but fans of active leisure will also be able to brighten up their presence on the island for interesting excursions, for example:
Walks with an overnight stay. A unique kind of tour — kilometer journey with the tents and overnight. You will be able to go deep into the jungle to wander along the mountain paths and take a photo at the waterfall.
Trekking on elephants. You can go on elephant rides and even swim with them. The service is provided in many Thai villages.
ATVs. A fascinating trip through the jungle, mountain streams and rugged terrain.
"Flight Of The Gibbon". The entertainment is not for the faint of heart. About two hours you will navigate a route consisting of 30 points, crawling, jumping and flying at rather high altitude. However, you will provide tether.
A trip by kayak (or canoe). For a nominal fee you can rent a boat and go on a conquest of the sea depths.
Boat trip. We are talking about the night walk, during which you can admire the lights of the colony of fireflies.
Parasailing. In the Bay of Kai BAE you will be given a glider and tied to a speedboat.
Fishing. Distinguish between day and night fishing. During the day, you're hunting small and large fish. But at night more fun. The first part of the program — the hunt for squid. Then you switch to the big fish.
The island is very quiet and without vanities and driving dynamics. Good place to spend a weekend and a week of rest, then just be bored. But this island needs to visit and understand what a tropical island inside.
Have a safe trip☺