Colorful week

Colorful week

 Each of us has a favorite color; the color that causes certain associations and memories, consistent with some events, images, persons or things. In Thailand the color is so much more. 
 In the Kingdom of Thailand there is a gradation of days of the week in color. Each day has its own color. Thais believe that color has the days of the week for a reason, so attach great importance to it. It is believed that the color of the day that you were born is your lucky colour that brings you luck, a positive effect on mood and health, and just brings comfort into everyday life.
Of course this belief is preceded by a story. 
 As in Orthodoxy first day of the week for Thais - Sunday. Yes, You read that right: on the third day after his crucifixion, Jesus was resurrected and it was the first day of the week new life of Jesus, hence the name of the week. But, back to our flowers. 
Shiva took six lions, turned them into dust and made her a red cloth, sprinkled with the magic water and created the Sun, and it was Sunday. Sunday symbolizes the color red.
 On the second day, Shiva created the spell for fifteen virgins angels, and they turned into the dust from which Shiva has woven the fabric is light yellow in colour (not forgetting to sprinkle her magic water) and made her the moon, and it was Monday. Monday symbolizes yellow color.
Then Shiva took eight buffaloes, made a spell and turned them to dust vague red color, sprinkled with the magic water and created Mars, adding zirconium crystal color home of the gods, and it was Tuesday. Tuesday symbol pink.
 On the fourth day Shiva took seventeen elephants and turned them into dust and created the fabric, staining its green leaves, sprinkled magic water and created mercury from the body is emerald green, and it was Wednesday. The color green symbolizes the environment.
The next day Shiva created the spell and turned nineteen Riesch (Holy hermits) in the dust, from which was woven the fabric of orange color and created the Jupiter color crystal lapis lazuli, and it was Thursday. Thursday, the symbol of the orange.
 A day later Shiva spell ground it to powder twenty-one bull and woven fabric Indigo, sprinkled with the magic water and created Venus, and it was Friday. Friday symbol blue or blue.
And finally on the seventh day Shiva took ten tigers, a spell, turned them to dust, wove fabric in black and sprinkled it with his water, created from this fabric Saturn dark black color, and it was Saturday. The Sabbath is the symbol of a purple or black color.
 Your birthday is your color for the Kingdom of Thailand. For example, many have noticed the many flags of yellow and blue in this country, so it's not just so: the King's birthday is Monday - yellow color, and the birthday of the Queen on Friday: the color blue. So the Thai people symbolizes his life, and pleasing to the eye colors of this beautiful country.
This is such an amazing story. And, what do You mean by color?