In China, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and Taiwan, there's a unique evergreen tree of the family of Spindulys and its small round fruit with a delicate pinkish or white flesh and a musky flavour of the longan (lat. Dimocarpus longan). The name of the plant was in honor of the Vietnamese province of long an, where it is widely cultivated, however it is considered the birthplace of South China. In Thailand, the first mention of the Longan dates back to 1896, when a traveller from China brought a gift to the spouse of king Chulalongkorn five seedlings of longan. Two seedlings were planted in Bangkok, one in Chiang Mai.
Longan is not only a tasty fruit but also very useful. In Chinese folk medicine it is used as antioxidant, tonic, immunostimulatory agent. Longan contains many minerals and vitamins like iron, potassium, phosphorus and vitamin A and C.
The longan is very useful for exhaustion and dizziness for people with chronic fatigue or pale skin, heart palpitations and blurred vision. And besides helps to this fruit poor sleep, unreasonable anxiety, increased anxiety. However, due to the fact that the Longan a lot of sugar, it is not recommended to use for people suffering from diabetes and are prone to allergic reactions.
Juice from Longan added to fruit smoothies, it quenches thirst and refreshes nicely. In cocktails and desserts it is combined with mango, coconut milk and strawberries.
Taste and useful properties of Longan beautiful preserved if it is freeze (after clearing from the peel and seeds), but fresh and ripe longan is stored only a couple of days.
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