Koh Samet

Koh Samet

   Koh Samet is one of the most beautiful and accessible island in Thailand, to which you can easily get on their own or using the services of travel agencies and transport companies.
   This island is notable for its always good weather and the snow-white coral beach with a very calm sea. However, in the off-season there may be waves and sand rises from the bottom of losing his usual clarity. Although, in this case, the water is still warm and comfortable for swimming. Another problem is the jellyfish, which appear from the end of September, which is not very pleasant for swimming. The rest of the time you can safely go to Koh Samet.
   Koh Samet is a small island in Thailand. The name of the island received the name of the tree that grows on it. This tree is used for the construction of boats, houses, furniture, and even for medical purposes. Island on so small that it can be completely bypassed on foot in a circle in just two hours. The small size of the island makes this a very comfortable and look like a small paradise. The shape of Koh Samet resembles the letter "P" with an elongated tail. In the north of the island is a village of fishermen who live on the island year-round, and the temple of the monastery. In the southern part of the national park. In the west of the island is rocky coast, where there is only a single sand beach. But the whole east side - is sandy beaches, the sand which is so pure that even used to make high quality glass.
   Koh Samet is located 200 kilometers from Bangkok, and not far from the resort of Pattaya. From the beginning to get to the pier in Bang Phe (the road to it from Bankonga takes two hours, and from Pattaya - one hour). From the pier to Koh Samet, you can cross to the two-deck boat (about 40 minutes), or by speedboat (15 minutes). Hotels in Koh Samet is located just a ten to fifteen minute drive from the pier.
   Despite its small size Koh Samet has small attractions, among which are the Buddhist temple and monastery, located in the northern part of the island, as well as a monument to the poet Sunthon Phu Thai - a beautiful statue of the Prince and the Mermaid, which is located in the bay Auhin Kok.
   Koh Samet amazingly beautiful place for a beach holiday. By visiting this little paradise, you will definitely want to come back again.