Koh Sichang

Koh Sichang

     In the Kingdom of Thailand so many amazing places where everyone can find rest for their soul. Tourists who prefer a beach holiday will find your island for small trips and enjoying the sea. One of them is close to the popular resort of Pattaya and enjoy it for its accessibility - is the island of Koh Sichang.
    Koh Sichang is a half hour drive from Pattaya, it is located near the city of Siracha, where you can catch the ferry to this charming island.

    To get to this island from Pattaya on the minibus, departing from the street Sukhumvit. The cost of one way ticket to the town of Siracha 60 baht, stop “pier Koh Loy”. Walk towards the sea to the pier will take 10-15 minutes, from where a ferry to Koh Sichang every hour and costs 50 baht one way.

  The island of Ko Sichang was the resort of the Thai Royal family. In our time on weekends Thais come here to relax and eat sea food, to be photographed in stunning scenery and visit the local temples with the shrines. Foreign tourists here a little.

    The name “Koh Sichang” is the name not of one island but a group of Islands: Koh Sampa Yue, Koh Kham Noi, Koh Prong, Koh Kham Yai, Koh Ran Dokmai, Koh Taow Yai, Koh Kang Kao, Koh Ta Tai Muaen.

    Places on the island that are a must visit:
  • Saan Chao Pho Kao Yai - temple on the mountain with stunning views of the Bay of Siracha. The cave which is carved into solid igneous rocks and in them are statues of Buddha and other iconic elements. It's worth a look, but have to work hard as climbing the stairs up the hill requires physical training. During the Chinese New year, in February, the island is not overcrowded from the crowds of Chinese who flooded all the sites. Originally, this temple complex was built by Chinese merchants who came to these waters to their boats.
  • Phra Chudadhut Palace - the remains of the Royal summer residence, abandoned on the island after the landing of French troops in 1893, the year.
  • The footprint of the Buddha - sight to see would have to climb to the top of the mountain via steep stairs. By the way, you can explore the caves for meditation and an artificial waterfall.
  • Chong Khao Khad - is a Peninsula on the Western side of the island from which to watch the morning sunrise.
  • Laam Chakapong - like Peninsula, only the South. The view from it and it is good at any time of the day, and not only at dawn.
  • Tharn Phang Beach - is the only beach on the island, suitable for swimming. It is located on the West side of the island from the open sea. The Eastern side of the island of si Chang, though, and has beaches, mostly stony beaches. On the beach, Tharn Phang created all conditions for comfortable rest of people.
One day you will be able to see all the sights of Koh Sichang, swim, sunbathe, enjoy a Thai cuisine with seafood and return home.

A pleasant journey!